Swim Technique – Keep Your Elbows Pointing Forward

For every event, other than the 50-meter sprint, the pulling motion of elite freestylers is strikingly similar. We often refer to that correct motion as the high elbow pull. Some call it early vertical forearm.


Consejos de Natación MP por Bob Bowman: Fijando Objetivos

Consejos de Natación MP por Bob Bowman – Capítulo 9   Bob Bowman, entrenador del equipo de natación y del…

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7 Tips to Help You Get Ready for the Big Meet

With championship season right around the corner, here are 7 tips to sharpen and hone your mental game and preparation ahead of the big meet.


7 Race Strategies to Confuse, Deflate, and Defeat the Competition

The meters and yards have been stocked up, the taper has gone well, and you executed a fantastic shave down (hardly any cuts!). Now all that remains is to get up on the blocks and unleash that bottled fury of talent and hard work you have been stockpiling over the previous few months.


I Will Never Swim Without These Again

Swimming needs more entertainment. We’re here to provide just that.

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6 Hard Truths of Swimming Success

Success in the pool isn’t always as smooth and painless as we’d like it to be. Here are 6 hard truths of swimming success to take into next season.


Consejos de Natación MP por Bob Bowman: Motivando a Michael Phelps

Consejos de Natación MP por Bob Bowman – Capítulo 8 Bob Bowman, entrenador del equipo de natación y del salto…

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The 6 Stages For Returning to the Pool After a Concussion

Head injuries need to be handled in care even in non-contact sports like swimming.


7 Life Lessons Swimmers Can Learn from John Wooden

Here are 7 life lessons swimmers can learn from legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden.

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Learn The Workout Secrets To Ippei Watanabe’s 200 Breast World Record

Learn some of what Ippei Watanabe is doing in training that helped the Japanese swimmer score a new 200m breaststroke World Record.


Competitor Coach of the Month: Carol Capitani, Texas Longhorns

Competitor Coach of the Month is a recurring SwimSwam feature shedding light on a U.S.-based coach who has risen above…


Eagle Swim Camps – Sign Up Today!

Improve your skills at the most unique camping experiences in the country. Eagle Swim Camps offer two options: An overnight and day camper option.

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How to Be a Better Swimmer In and Out of the Water

Swimming teaches us a lot. Besides how to excel at Sharks & Minnows (still my favorite as a fullyish grown adult), the sport gifts us patience, discipline, and the ability to eat like dump truck.

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6 Things Swimmers Need to Stop Telling Themselves

Successful swimmers realize the impact that excuses and self-talk has on their success. Here are 6 things that swimmers need to stop telling themselves.


Strength & Conditioning: Building Strength For A Long Season

Each year, swimmers cycle through an important phase of their training: preseason strength and conditioning. It follows the much-needed holiday…

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