The Top 7 Most Awesome Bubble Rings Videos

Swimming News Photo: Michael Andrew

Swimmers blowing bubble rings should be an Olympic event! If it was, it’d probably be the most watched event…behind the 100 freestyle final…and Michael Phelps races, but it’d certainly be the most-shared story of the Games.

If you don’t know how to blow bubble rings, here are our top seven videos picks. Watch and learn!

1. Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices / Watch Dolphins and Whales Blow Bubble Rings

2. GoSwim Breaks It Down (Thanks Glenn!)

3. Spearfishing Pros  Show How It’s Done

4. How to make a horizontal bubble ring

5. One Breath and a Whole Lot of Rings

6. The Most Impressive Bubble Ring We’ve Seen on Video

7. Bubble Ring Fun

Share your favorite bubble ring videos in the comments!

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