Terry Fritch Steps Down, Eric Lane Named Acting Head Coach of SwimMAC Carolina

SwimMAC Carolina announced Tuesday the resignation of head coach Terry Fritch and the promotion of Eric Lane to acting head coach effective August 19.

Fritch has been the club’s head coach since February of 2017 when he took over for David Marsh, and has been with the club in some capacity for 17 years.

“We appreciate his 17 years of dedication to SwimMAC Carolina, including his last four years serving as head coach, and the improvements he made in both our competitive and learn-to-swim programs,” the club said in a press release.

“During this period, SwimMAC athletes regularly achieved top finishes across all levels of the club, and our swim school and development programs taught thousands of children to learn to swim.”

Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, Lane’s role with the club was as the Director of Competitive Swimming Curriculum and Coaching Development.

“Eric is well-prepared for this new assignment,” the club said. “He brings valuable perspectives to further development and mentoring of coaches as we seek to advance a culture and a program that is centered on excellence in instruction. Eric is an active member of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), and during his tenure he has designed training protocols and plans for members of the US, Israeli, and Brazilian National Teams.”

SwimMAC Carolina has long been one of the top clubs in the country. In 2019, it finished second behind Nation’s Capital in USA Swimming’s Club Excellence Program, which measures the strength of the club’s 18 & under athletes.

“This transition represents the execution of a planned and thoughtful succession strategy. We look forward to expanding Eric’s leadership role and wish Terry Fritch all the best in his next endeavors.”

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1 year ago

For why?

Reply to  Coug
1 year ago

“This transition represents the execution of a planned and thoughtful succession strategy. We look forward to expanding Eric’s leadership role and wish Terry Fritch all the best in his next endeavors.”

Definitely either pushed out or removed for some reason not publicly available, nobody makes a statement that brief about a head coach stepping down unless there’s something else going down.

Reply to  yaboi
1 year ago

Especially at the best club in the country.

Reply to  Coug
1 year ago

….second in the 2019 ratings, if you read the article…

Reply to  Coug
1 year ago

Bad business decision/Bleeding cash? $5.4 mil to rent a pool?

Reply to  NCSwimmer101
1 year ago

I think that’s over 7 years, which really isn’t that bad of a deal considering the size of that pool. Having a 7-year contract at a fixed rate SHOULD benefit the club if managed right.

Club ranking don’t exactly reflect how well each location is being run. If I’m a parent looking for a club to swim on, I’m not going to one that advertises itself as a 7-site location. IMO that’s a program, not a team.

Reply to  Adam
10 months ago

$64k/month? For one pool/facility? LOL that is insane considering the air quality problems they are having inside the facility. I won’t be surprised if lawsuits follow if swimmers develop respiratory problems.

Gray Tedder
1 year ago

I don’t know Terry well, but I met him several times around North Carolina Swimming and he was a great guy. I wish him the best in the future!

1 year ago

Micro-managing board? Unruly parents? 17 years at a club and finally get promoted to the head coaching role at one of the top clubs in the country and only last a relatively short period of time in the captains chair? Wonder what the sentiment was amongst the membership when they heard the news? There’s the public press release and the real backstory.

With SwimMAC on his resume, I’m sure Terry will have plenty of opportunities in front of him to evaluate. Will be interesting to see who they land for the job. Marsh 2.0, poach a top collegiate assistant or a respected club head coach?

Reply to  NCSwimz
1 year ago

Hoping for better things for Terry. Change is a good thing and it this case likely long over due.

Coach ID
1 year ago

Terry’s a great guy and great coach! Best wishes, my friend!

Fly 100
1 year ago

Rule #1: Try not to Coach at Board run or parent run swimming clubs.

Reply to  Fly 100
1 year ago

Two great examples in the last week, SwimMAC & ASC.

sane swim parent
Reply to  Fly 100
1 year ago


Reply to  Fly 100
1 year ago

I agree. They are all out for themselves and what benefits them or their swimmers. This is a FACT. Hard to come by because they talk a good game but be aware coaches.

Sam H
1 year ago

Although on an opposing club in NC, Terry always supported me and was great to see on deck and talk to. Best of luck Coach T and hope to see you around soon

1 year ago

Would second many comments here. Not to take anything away from the people Eric and Terry are but as an alum it is sad with what has transpired there. The board mismanagement is real.

1 year ago

Not gonna lie…weird to know that Madison Kennedy is on the board at MAC and Eric Lane is her husband. Did they even ask Kathy McKee?

Reply to  SwammerSpammer
1 year ago

I guess you are required to have a strong Strength and Conditioning aka Dryland training background to lead the “best” swim club in the country.

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