Tennessee To Host Virginia After Backing Out of Michigan Tri

After Tennessee and Virginia withdrew from a scheduled triangular at Michigan over concerns about waterborne illnesses, the Volunteers will host the Cavaliers in a Saturday dual meet.

Michigan faced reports of a waterborne illness this fall. A notice posted on the school’s recreation department website that said a swimmer disagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis had used “one or more” aquatics facilities during the month of August to October. Cryptosporidiosis is an infection where small parasites enter the body, travel to the small intestine, and burrow in the walls of the intestines.

When we asked about the pool, an athletic department representative told us that a few swim/dive team members had come down with an illness, and that the pool was given a shock chlorine treatment for 12 hours. Michigan says its pool was deemed safe to use as far back as last Thursday (October 10), and that more tests this week showed the pool safe for competition.

But Tennessee and Virginia both elected to withdraw from the meet. Michigan will be hosting an intrasquad on Friday, while Virginia will now travel to Tennessee for a Saturday dual meet at 11 AM Eastern Time, according to the Tennessee swimming site.

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Phelp’s dog

Damn. They knew that they would get so demolished by the michigan men that they backed out and went to Tennessee. Wahoo boohoo


They’d beat the sh outta them tho


In what world?

2 Cents

The real one.


They’d get so demolished by the Michigan men, who would then crap their brains out after the meet due to having parasites in their intestines.

Don’t drink the koolaid

So the next question is whether Indiana uninvites Michigan to their pool in 2 weeks or is Michigan just an intrasquad kinda team this year?


The pool is clean and ready to go. I would never schedule those teams for anything again if i was Michigan


I would think the feeling is mutual. What team would be willing to put their athletes at risk of parasites that enter the body, travel to the small intestine, and burrow in the walls of the intestines? I’ve never heard of such a thing at any other college program, only Michigan.


u guys gotta quit pumping in that water from Flynt


No need to hate on either team here. Tennessee and Virginia were trying to be safe rather than sorry. No need to risk getting sick in October


How dare you be rational!




They could have invited atleast invited Michigan.

2 Cents

No, because those swimmers could have the parasite in their body… it takes a while to flush out with the proper treatment…


There’s two reasons for Michigan not to go:
1. Many swimmers could still have the parasite in their body.
2. An extra away meet is probably not included in their budget.


AND they scared of TN in TN water….it kinda magical! GO VOLS and go WOMEN VOLS

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