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ASCA COO Paris Jacobs Talks What’s New, Athlete Safety

As athletes, teams and coaches get back to intense workouts and winter competition, Swim Swam met up with Paris Jacobs, Chief Operations Officer for ASCA, the Association of Swimming Coaches of America, to hear what’s new in the coaching world and why ASCA just endorsed a new solution to keep athletes safer in the water.

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Catching Up with New ASCA COO Paris Jacobs

Jacobs has embarked on a listening campaign in addition to looking for new partnerships to bring to the 2019 ASCA World Clinic.


ASCA’s John Leonard: ‘ISL is Best Opportunity Ever for Athletes to Earn What They’re Worth’

The ASCA reaffirmed its support of the ISL’s efforts in light of the Energy for Swim meet cancellation.

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American Swimming Coaches Association Endorses Hammer Head Swim Caps

ASCA, the American Swimming Coaches Association, with members all over North America and affiliates around the world, has officially endorsed the Hammer Head® Swim Cap.

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Leonard: USA FINA Bureau Rep Should Be ‘Intent On Change’

American Swimming Coaches Association Executive Director and outspoken FINA critic John Leonard penned a letter earlier this month laying out his suggested qualifications for USA Swimming’s new representative to the FINA Bureau – heading the list is a candidate “intent on change.”


SwimSwam Pulse: 66% Support WSA As FINA Alternative

About two-thirds of SwimSwam voters support the World Swimming Association as an alternative to FINA as the international governing body for aquatic sports.


World Swimming Association Ratifies Constitution in Washington DC (Video Report)

The World Swimming Association, an alternate governing entity to FINA, held a constitutional convention at the 2017 ASCA World Clinic.


World Swimming Association To Hold Constitutional Convention In D.C.

The World Swimming Association Will Hold Its Constitutional Convention on Friday, September 1, 2017 in Washington, DC, USA, at the Washington Hilton from 3:00-8:00 p.m., in conjunction with the 2017 ASCA World Clinic.


WSCA Head John Leonard Reaching Out To Pro Athletes Re: Union

On the heels of Katinka Hosszu’s call for professional swimmers to unionize, World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) executive director John Leonard is asking interested athletes to contact him and the WSCA.


John Leonard Open Letter To FINA Coaches Commission: Get Out

ASCA head John Leonard has written another open letter, this time calling for members of FINA’s Coaches Commission to leave their posts.


ASCA Launches Platform Connecting You To World Class Swim Coaches 

American Swimming Coaches Association launches a knowledge-sharing platform to make world class swim coaches, like David Salo (featured image), accessible to the general public.

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Schedule For ASCA 2017 World Clinic Released

The American Swim Coaches Association has released their clinic dates and schedule for the ASCA 2017 World Clinic in Washington, DC.

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Leonard: Understanding Cultures And Changing FINA

John Leonard, an outspoken critic of FINA and founder of a rival swimming federation, has published a new open letter with his feelings on the current swimming governing body, alleging that FINA employees are compensated with lavish trips and lodging in exchange for keeping ideas for change and innovation quiet.


Joe Bernal Removed From ASCA Hall of Fame

Longtime swim coach Joe Bernal has been removed from the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) Hall of Fame after being banned by USA Swimming earlier this year.

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Leonard: The Path To Clean Swimming

Critical of how FINA and the IOC have governed swimming, particularly in terms of doping punishment and prevention, John Leonard has proposed a bold move for athletes: separating from FINA and the IOC until changes are made in how the governing bodies operate.


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