ASCA, Three Other National Coaches Assocations Part Ways With WSCA

Four national swimming coaching associations, including the ASCA, are distancing themselves from the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA) after the latter organization made a recent change to its constitution.

Also parting ways with the WSCA are the national coaching associations of Australia, Canada and Great Britain.

“The American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA), Swim Coaches and Teachers Australia (SCTA), Canadian Swimming Coaches Association (CSCA), and British Swimming Coaches Association (BSCA) – collectively representing the four largest swimming coaches associations in the world – have officially withdrawn their affiliation from the World Swimming Coaches Association (WSCA),” the organizations said in a joint statement.

The organizations said the new WSCA constitution “fails to meet the standards of organizational oversight and member representation,” having reduced the input of its membership, which are “fundamental values” to the ASCA, SCTA, CSCA and BSCA.

“The four associations strongly believe that coaches from around the world should collaborate on common issues and share best practices. As a result, SCTA, CSCA, BSCA, and ASCA have committed to working closely together in the pursuit of shared goals, the advancement of the sport, and the well-being of athletes and coaches alike. They look forward to continued engagement with the broader global swimming community and other like-minded coaches and organizations to enhance the sport.”

The WSCA was founded in 1989 by former ASCA CEO John Leonard, along with Paul Quinlan (former Australian Swimming Coaches and Teacher Association director) and Yutaka Terao (Japanese swim school owner).

Swim Ireland National Performance Director Jon Rudd was named WSCA President in January, with his term running through 2024.

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7 months ago

In the grand scheme of things, who cares?

WSCA has never seemed to be anything more than an organization who purpose is to exist for the sake of it, and to give some people important sounding titles.

7 months ago

2.1 states that WSCA represents coaches International & Nationally, yet in all the present WSCA Chair has a reputation for excluding the top performing Irish club coaches as well as resisting the urgency to support a National coaches association that challenges his direction, which is their right!

Context is always important folks!

Coaching Guy
7 months ago

Since this came out, I’ve read the Constitution a couple of times and I can’t see what anyone would take offence to. It looks quite fair and sensible

Reply to  Coaching Guy
7 months ago

They are claiming that the new rules don’t give member organizations any vote, and if they don’t have a vote, they don’t see the value in joining.

7 months ago

any specifics on what change in the constitution caused this…?

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