SwimSwam Breakdown: Dressel’s Records, Battle at the Burr, & UVA + Cal Openers

This week on the SwimSwam Breakdown, we discuss Virginia and Cal’s season openers, the sold-out “Battle at the Burr” dual meet, and the possibility of Caeleb Dressel‘s NCAA records being broken. See below for full list of topics:

  • 0:00 SwimSwam Breakdown Introduction
  • 1:20 Did Jordan Crooks‘ 19.3 change your mind about who will win the 50 Free NCAA title?
  • 6:25 Did Cal’s results at the King/Queen of the Pool encourage or discourage you for the Bears moving forward?
  • 14:36 Nothing, Something, or Everything: Kate Douglass and Alex Walsh both added time in multiple events from past swims at the UVA intrasquad?
  • 22:12 What can teams take away from the “Battle at the Burr” dual meet between Howard and Georgetown that sold out 2,000 tickets?
  • 29:54 Who’s one swimmer (From SwimSwam’s Top-5 lists) you’re excited to watch this NCAA season?


  • 35:24 Will any of Caeleb Dressel‘s NCAA records get broken this season?
  • 38:31 What was Leon Marchand‘s Most Impressive 200 this past weekend (1:43 200 fly, 1:57 200 Breast, or 1:44 200 IM)? 41:42 Should the IOC let Russian athletes compete if they say they are against the war in Ukraine?
  • 45:01 Will Adam Peaty win a SC world title in Melbourne?
  • 48:55 With Ilya Kharun, will the Canadian men win a SC Worlds medal in any relay?

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1 month ago

A lot of likes

student athlete
1 month ago

Don’t come for the student athletes for adding time in an intrasquad. How do you ever expect ppl to go PBs in every meet? It’s unrealistic and tells nothing about the rest of their season

Bear Down
1 month ago

Although not anchoring and not winning, Hugo was on the 400 relay after winning the 4IM

Sherry Smit
1 month ago

It’s a dual meet and they weren’t at PB’s. Wow so shocked. There is so much more than just swimming when being a student athlete. There could’ve been midterms, papers, etc and maybe they just didn’t have a good day. Idk I don’t like speculating on a dual meet imo

There's no doubt that he's tightening up
1 month ago

When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, when the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. Then 17.63 will be broken and not before.


Yeah, people used to think that about the 18 second barrier as well…

1 month ago

Ivey was not at Cal Poly

1 month ago

I know it’s only the beginning of the season but I already have my eye on ASU’s 400 free relay. That quartet has a shot to upset all the other teams at the end of the meet and win the relay.

Reply to  PFA
1 month ago

Upset? Who would be favored in front of them? They got 2nd last year in the 400 free relay and it was close. Yes, it will be close but not an upset.

Reply to  PFA
1 month ago

I think they went 2:45 last year. Where’s the upset?

Coach Macgyver
1 month ago

Crooks is a phenomenal swimmer. Confident he will continue to flourish and be an exceptional swimmer. Don’t think he or anyone will challenge the 50 free or 100 fly records. 100 free seems like a strong possibility.

If someone is going to really challenge Dressel’s 50 free or 100 fly, then that person is going to need to be exceptionally strong outside the water. No one, that I can think of, can compare to Dressel off the block or off the wall.

Steve Nolan
Reply to  Coach Macgyver
1 month ago

You think so? I mean it is short course so it’s a different beast, but after Popovici I think we can start expanding our horizons as to who can take down some of these records.

(I don’t expect Brooks Curry to break those records, but he’s the best guy from last year and he’s not exactly gonna moonlight as a linebacker anytime soon.)

Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

To MacGyver’s point, what separated Dressel from his competition is his leaping ability/spring in his legs…heck it shows against the best talent in the world at Worlds/Olympics that he pops up half a body length ahead in the 50/100…when you have that kind of advantage, that leads to times like the 17.6/39.9. I’ve thought for a while that there were swimmers just as fast as Dressel once the water portion of the race once that got started, or better endurance to finish the 100, but there’s simply no one better than him off the block and the turn for that matter. This is what MacGyver was alluding to…until someone can match Dressel’s leaping ability, I don’t think you get another… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by jim
Steve Nolan
Reply to  jim
1 month ago

While I basically agree with your point, that’s not what MacGyver said. They said “If someone is going to really challenge Dressel’s 50 free or 100 fly, then that person is going to need to be exceptionally strong outside the water.

I disagree! I can agree it’s more likely that someone with a similar strength to weight ratio as Dressel is more likely to get close to his short course times than a string bean. (The percentage of the race that’s impacted by those attributes related to that strength – your aforementioned starts and turns – are higher in short course, so it makes sense.) ((Though to the strength issue, there’s a point of diminishing returns with pure strength outside… Read more »

Last edited 1 month ago by Steve Nolan
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

The correct term is power, not strength. Power is work/time. Dressel was incredibly powerful, meaning he could move his weight very quickly. Power is important in all sprint events but moreso in SC vs LCM because there’s less swimming and more UWs/walls in SC swimming.

Coach Macgyver
Reply to  Steve Nolan
1 month ago

The subject is NCAA times. Pop doesn’t swim short course yards. Listen to the podcast.

Bench press has little to nothing to do with ability to exert power off the wall or the block. Weird subject to bring up… powerlifting meet?

Someone is going to need to be exceptionally strong outside the water to challenge his records. There is no way around it. Can’t be done.

Reply to  jim
1 month ago

There are definitely swimmers who are faster then Dressel in the water portion – Popovici and Chalmers just to name two. That has long been the case.

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