Swimphonic Variations

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September 05th, 2022 Lifestyle

Courtesy: Michael O. Zahn

Swimphonic Variations

by Michael O.  Zahn

iPads are red,

TVs are blue,

get off that couch

we’ve got swimming to do!


Swimsuits are red,

swimsuits are blue,

physique is a factor,

and attitude, too —

a Speedo inspires

(and so does J.Crew)


Swim caps are orange,

swim caps are green.

Neon’s advantage:

You can be seen.


Neoprene’s great

if lake temp is polar.

Ears turning blue?

Just yank it lower.


Nose clips are red,

nose clips are blue,

inhaling the water’s

not something

you oughter


Goggles are red,

goggles are blue,

when they’re opaque

it’s time to buy new.

There’s pee in the pool

and algae in lakes —

strap on your goggles

(your eyes are at stake)


Beaches are red,

beaches are blue,

let’s clean up the litter

a few dummies threw


Sewage is red,

sewage is blue,

it’s time to decry

municipal poo


Tow floats are pink,

(yeah, some are yellow).

If shore is afar,

and your core
turns to jello,

orange you glad
you brought your



Water is blue,

sometimes turns red:

Sharks are a threat

if they choose to pursue  —

but birdbrain boaters

are the worst threat to you


The sky might blush red,

the clouds might blow blue,

no matter the weather

I love swimming
with you


Seclusion is red,

privacy’s blue,

let’s swim nekkid

and break a taboo!


Michael O. Zahn, a former Milwaukee newspaper reporter, lives in Central Florida. His poems about swimming have been published in numerous venues, both print and electronic.

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Swimmer I.M
25 days ago

Omg this is brilliant. I love it lol

Reply to  Swimmer I.M
25 days ago