Swimming’s TopTenTweets of the Week: #4 WHO broke 5:00 in a 500 back??


Every day. Before practice, after practice. Maybe even during practice. We all want donuts.


Meanwhile, Amy was kicking butt in Washington, where she won four events in two days as Cal beat Washington State in a 2-day dual.


We love the 100 IM <3


NC State head coach Braden Holloway with his little wolf pup. S’cute.


< 300 days, folks.


Get knocked down, get right back up. Unless you’re doing a fly set, in which case ignore the intervals and take your time; it’s the only way to avoid the pain.


WHO WAS IT?! Lochte? Clary? Feigen? Maybe not Feigen. @SwimMacElite we want to know!


Basically Elizabeth Beisel rocks, and we are not worthy.


Recent Auburn swimming graduate Allen Browning using his selfie stick in a way that might be wrong but also might be the funniest thing we’ve seen all week.


Ugh, when we’re out of the water, we’re useless.

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5 years ago

My guess is Clary

5 years ago

Don’t see the big deal. That isn’t very fast for an elite backstroke like Ryan or Tyler. They are 1:36 backstrokers……they should be WAY under 5:00.

Reply to  weirdo
5 years ago

Exactly. Think about the 500 free time that a 1:36 freestyler puts up. Lochte in his prime — in a meet — could probably go well into the 4:20s.

Reply to  weirdo
5 years ago

Back in day
Ryan would do 10×500 back on 5’30 all under 5′

Reply to  backinaday
5 years ago


Reply to  swimdoc
5 years ago

hmm… I heard this used for the first time this weekend from a teammate during an open water relay. I wonder…

5 years ago

Who says it was a guy? What about Coventry?

Reply to  swimdoc
5 years ago

swimdoc – Coventry might could have done it in her prime…I think these days, I’m not sure there’s any women in the world who could do it in October.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 years ago

Do you think a backstroker like Clary could hit sub 5:00 in a 500m backstroke if that was all he trained to do? Tweet has to be talking about a girl, that is pretty mundane guy stuff. probably over 100 guys could hit that on any day in practice in the USA.

Reply to  Braden Keith
5 years ago

I don’t know about that — might have been a “get out” swim or a test week.

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