Swimmers vs. Gymnasts: Missy Franklin & Shawn Johnson

  6 Davis Wuolle | August 06th, 2012 | Featured, London 2012 Olympics

American swimmer Missy Franklin and American artistic gymnast Shawn Johnson have both found extraordinary Olympic success at a young age. This picture of the two at the 2012 London Olympics has been circulating recently, highlighting the tremendous height difference and reminding us that talent comes in all sizes. Here are the two athletes compared:

Missy Franklin

Shawn Johnson

SportSwimmingArtistic Gymnastics
Olympic Medals54
First Olympics20122008
Height6’1 (185 cm)4’9 (145 cm)
NicknameThe MissilePeanut, Bubbly


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4 years 23 days ago

145cm?Wow, that s short.Swimmers increased in size, gymnasts decreased(Nadia Comaneci was 160cm)

4 years 23 days ago

umm, isnt james magnussen the guy who does 100 free ‘the missile’?

4 years 23 days ago
4 years 23 days ago

she needs another nickname haha, she doesnt really do sprint events compared to james. he is older and def had that name first anyway


4 years 22 days ago

Missy’s interviews are very good – particularly for a 17 year old. I really like to listen to her.

Krystian Makowski
4 years 15 days ago

Missy at the Olympics in 2016 earn 8 gold medals, I wish you that.
I salute you Krystian


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