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February 23rd, 2016 News

Swimmer’s and coaches will do whatever it takes to push performance to the next level. Whether that’s spending more hours in the pool or the weight room, or more time spent rigorously analyzing video footage of their strokes – they will do what it takes.

However, the one thing that coaches and swimmers have never had the opportunity to take advantage of fully is the vast amount of insight and feedback that can be seen from a swimmers performance metrics. To date, coaches have not been able to effectively track (let alone log) all of their swimmers metrics like splits, stroke count, stroke rate, DPS and more for each critical set they swim each week.

That is, until now.

TritonWear has been working with teams of all levels around the world to finally take advantage of this data. Coaches of these teams are saying they spend 25-30% more time focusing on technique during practice instead of staring at their watches. They love having more insight with consistent data collection and analysis over time as well as the fact that they are empowering and educating their swimmers so they understand their performance on a daily basis and take ownership over their swimming.

According to Ben Titley, High Performance Coach of Swimming Canada, this is the way elite sports are heading. He believes that using this data to make athletes more efficient will not only educate them, but ultimately make them faster. One of the top club teams in Canada, Mississauga Swimming is using the TritonWear long-term tracking functionality to compare sets over time to make their swimmers faster and more consistent. According to Head Coach Kevin Anderson, this frequent and accurate data collection provides the data that will really allow their swimmers to succeed. Learn more about Kevin’s experiences here:

Bringing new technology into a team may seem like a daunting task, but with TritonWear the integration process couldn’t be easier. The system only takes a couple of minutes at the beginning of each practice to set up and once practice starts, we take care of the rest, there is no more interaction required on your part. We even build your workouts for you so you can easily see set progressions of not only time, but also every other metric (eg. see how stroke rate or DPS changes over each set).

Post-workout analysis is simple and seamless and with a few clicks of your mouse you can easily overlay historical sets on top of each other to determine if your swimmers are staying on track towards their seasonal goals. You can easily answer questions around if your swimmers are simply getting fitter or if they are also getting more efficient. Are they getting faster and holding the same stroke count? Are they holding their under waters longer and more consistently?

Naturally, you as a coach still have to figure out the best way to use and act on the insights provided from the data, but we take care of all the tedious work for you.

The data revolution will be coming to all sports eventually. Some sports, like football, baseball, and basketball are years ahead with statistics and data collection. We are simply igniting the revolution in swimming.

Find out how you can use TritonWear to make faster swimmers on our new website and take a tour of the system.

Sign up for units before the end of February and get substantial unit discounts!

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Swim Tech Info is courtesy of TritonWear, a SwimSwam partner.

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6 years ago

is there any pricing information on these units?

TritonWear Team
Reply to  negativesplit
6 years ago

Contact [email protected] to chat with one of our sales reps to get more info on pricing.