Sweden announces Junior Euros squad, gives update on current European Champs roster qualifiers

Sweden has announced a 14-swimmer squad to head to the 2014 European Junior Championships in the Netherlands this July.

The roster features 5 individual qualifiers and 9 more relay swimmers. It appears the athletes could be entered in other events, based on how well it fits with their event schedule.

You can see the official press release in Swedish here.

Individual Qualifiers:

Sophie Hansson, Helsingborg S 100, 200 breast
Sara Wallberg, NKK 100, 200 breast
Alba Forés, SK Triton 1500 free
Petter Fredriksson, SK Hajen 100, 200 back
Oskar Eriksson, Täby Sim 200 back

Relay Qualifiers:

Miranda Arvidsson, Kalmar SS 4×100 medley
Anna Eriksson, Strängnäs Frisimmare 4×100 medley
Matilda Weiler, Helsingborg S 4×100 medley
Isak Eliasson, MASS 4×100 medley, 4×200 free
Noa Koch, Uddevalla Sim 4×100 medley
Filip Svedberg, Skellefteå Sim 4×100 medley
Gustav Dahlman, Västerås SS 4×200 free
Markus Malm, Anderstorps SS 4×200 free
Daniel Forndal, Jönköpings SS 4×200 free


The Swedish Swimming Federation (SSF) also provided an update on athletes currently qualified for the European Championships. Qualifying continues through June, but as of now, 14 athletes are already on the roster.That roster is obviously highlighted by national star Sarah Sjöström, who has qualified in 5 events, but also includes Michelle Coleman, Louise Hansson and Mattias Carlsson.

You can find that update in Swedish here.

European Champs Roster, as of now:

Sarah Sjöström, Södertörns S (50 fr, 100 fr, 200 fr, 50 fl, 100 fl)
Michelle Coleman, Spårvägen Sim (50 fr, 100 fr, 200 fr, 100 bk, 200 bk)
Louise Hansson, Helsingborg S (100 fl, 100 fr, 200 fr, 200 IM)
Jennie Johansson, SK Neptun (50 br, 100 br)
Joline Höstman, Mölndal ASS (100 br, 200 br)
Jessica Eriksson, Södertörns S (200 br)
Ida Lindborg, Malmö KK (100 bk)
Magdalena Kuras, Triton (50 fr)
Mattias Carlsson, Skäret S (100 bk, 200 bk, 200 fr)
Erik Persson, Kungsbacka S (200 br, 400 IM)
Adam Paulsson, SK Elfborg (400 fr)
Axel Pettersson, Jönköpings Simsällskap (200 bk)
Simon Sjödin, SK Neptun (400 IM)
Stina Gardell, Spårvägen S (200 IM, 400 IM)

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