Sun Yang Set To Take On Triple At Chinese Nationals This Month

The 2019 Chinese National Swimming Championships are slated for March 24th – March 31st, with the country’s biggest swimming stars vying for the chance to compete at this summer’s World Championships in Gwangju, Korea.

Among those competing at the Nationals taking place at Swimming and Diving Hall of Qingdao Sports Center will be Olympic champions Sun Yang, Ye Shiwen, along with World Champion Xu Jiayu, Olympic bronze medalist Fu Yuanhui and red-hot freestyler Wang Jianjiahe. Jianjiahe is coming off of the Pro Swim Series in Des Moines, where the 16-year-old raced her way to a new Chinese National and Asian Continental Record in the women’s 1500m freestyle (15:46.69).

27-year-old powerhouse Sun is reportedly scheduled to swim the men’s 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle, while Shiwen’s events will include the 200m breast, 200m IM and 400m IM.

Sun was recently involved in another sketchy doping situation in which the athlete broke a number of testing protocols, including ordering security guards to destroy a vial of his blood. Dr. Han Zhaoqi, the head of the Zhejiang Anti-Doping Center told FINA that the testing nurse present didn’t have the necessary paperwork, and at a January 3rd hearing, the FINA panel ruled in Sun’s favor, stating that they would “never know” what had happened.

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So stupid that he can still swim


Yup. He should have plenty of strength for the events from the micro-dosing.

Siphiwe Baleka



I was thinking the same thing. How he’s not banned for life after destroying his blood samples is insane

Siphiwe Baleka

Just making sure we get the facts straight. 1) The nurse didn’t have the necessary paperwork. 2) the samples were destroyed by security guards. I’m no fan of FINA, but challenges to the story based on faulty understanding of what happened are not effective. “When the International Doping Control Management Company (IDTM) conducted an off-site inspection, the IDTM doping inspectors could not provide legal excitement. The agent’s certificate and the nurse’s practice certificate violated the FINA Anti-Doping Rules and relevant international standards. The athlete considered the inspection to be illegal and invalid, which led to the inability to complete the inspection. After the FINA conducted an investigation, the Chinese Swimming Association asked Sun Yang to actively cooperate with the investigation… Read more »


If things were that clear cut I seriously doubt that WADA would be appealing the decision. Somehow I think WADA knows the laws surround sports doping better than you or I.


Three vials at once?


So strong


Shouldn’t be allowed to compete. Not fair to other athletes

Siphiwe Baleka

What rule did he break? You may not like the guy, but unless he broke a rule, you can’t stop him from competing. He destroyed no test vials. So on what grounds should he be banned?

remel can do anything

wada appealed the case, let’s wait and see


Because he was doping just as some others. Doesn’t matter when, how and how many times. The 1st should be the very last in any sports.

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