Sun Yang Nearly Beats His 400 Time From Kazan On Day 5 of Chinese Nationals

Sun Yang added another victory to his week’s collection on the fifth day of the 2015 Chinese Fall National Championships.

The veteran distance swimmer dominated the men’s 400 freestyle with a time of 3:42.70. That time would have been good for silver at the recent FINA World Championships. Sun won the event in Kazan with a time of 3:42.58. That time is also faster than any other swimmer in the world last year, and the fastest in the new 2015-2016 season as well. The next closest competitor was Yang Jintong with a 3:53.

Ye Shiwen was absent from today’s 400 IM. She opened the door for other swimmers to earn a national title in the event and Li Xuanxu took advantage of the opportunity. Li won with a final time of 4:44.78.

Day 5 results can be found below:

Day 5

Men 400 Free

  1. Sun Yang 3’42″70
  2. Yang Jintong 3’53″43
  3. Hong Jinlong 3’54″26

Women 50 Free

  1. Zhu Menghui 25″20
  2. Liu Xiang 25″30
  3. Han Tingru 25″58

Men 50 Free

  1. Yu Hexin 22″66
  2. Zhang Qibing 22″95
  3. Ban Bao 23″01

Women 400 IM

  1. Li Xuanxu 4’44″78
  2. Wang Xinya 4’45″75
  3. Wu Tianqi 4’47″42

Men 200 Breast

  1. Huang Chaosheng 2’12″60
  2. Qin Haiyang 2’14″59
  3. Yan Zibei 2’14″73

Women 800 Free

  1. Xu Danlu 8’35″83
  2. Xin Xin 8’36″13
  3. Wang Guoyue 8’38″83

Women 4×100 MR

  1. Beijing 4’04″71
  2. Henan 4’05″15
  3. Liaoning 4’07″17

Men 4×100 MR

  1. Zhejiang 3’35″79
  2. Shanghai 3’40″92
  3. Navy 3’41″70

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8 years ago

The below link is the “fanspage” of Ye Shiwen. You can see the picture of “tooth-sized bone” that removed from her ankle.

8 years ago

I think about the most we can hope for from Sun next summer is maybe 3:40.9. MAYBE. He can’t have any more of these out of pool issues he’s had lately. But of course I hope he proves me wrong come Rio ?

Reply to  Pvk
8 years ago

I would be more than happy with a 3’40″06, or sub 40″… maybe. If 400 free wr should be broken next year, it has to be Sun, hard to imagine anyone else.

8 years ago

Ever since he’s been off the juice, he hasn’t been close to those times. Why would he all of a sudden get back down there?

8 years ago

Jeremy Duncan yes they have drug testing at their national champs. They also have drug testing at their youth swimming champs. The Chinese anti doping agency is among the toughest in the world. Any swimmer that wants to cut corners in China will find it brutally tough.

Reply to  carlo
8 years ago

how ironic

Jeremy Duncan
8 years ago

Can anyone tell me , do they have drug testing at their nationals ?

Reply to  Jeremy Duncan
8 years ago

Absolutely yes. A full set of drug testing is also required for any of the records to be recognized.

8 years ago

Maybe Ye is done?

Reply to  hswimmer
8 years ago

She had a surgery to remove her broken bone in the ankle.

Reply to  Zhen
8 years ago

Wait, to remove it?

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  swammer91
8 years ago

Maybe remove a pin , maybe remove ankle Spurs ,maybe remove the fracture by pinning .

If it was done after worlds & she is swimming now it sounds about right . I think you have got to give ppl using a foreign language a little leeway .

It is also a bit dismissive to say someone is ‘done’ . For example I’m sure she could get a NCAA schol if she applied . Or train for the China 4×200 free .

Reply to  swammer91
8 years ago

Yeap. Apparently she removed a tooth-sized thing from her ankle. She posted pictures of that piece on her weibo. Too bad I cannot make picture comment on this site. Try to see whether the link works:

Reply to  Zhen
8 years ago

Ooops, I can not open it. Click the original image to expand to a full size or copy the image url by right click. Should the link end with .jpg format, it will work.
Thanks. 🙂

Reply to  Zhen
8 years ago
8 years ago

Well, it would be nice to see sun back in 2012 shape, but I don’t think the will happen, the 200 is a huge toss up, basically everyone has a chance and it’s all about who gets hold of the olympic spirt and uses it to their advantage, their is alot of young talent in the 400 like guy and horton, so I think he will only get bronze their, and Paltrinieri has alot of rome to improve, such as geting a better kick, so I think he has the 1500.
And an unrelated thought, but what if their was an 800 in London, he almost got the record in the 400 and got it in the 1500, and… Read more »

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