Steele Wisdom: Teamanship by Missy Franklin’s former club the Colorado Stars

Courtesy of 4-time NCAA DII Coach of the Year Bob Steele

Many teams request a Teamanship talk when doing camps for junior high and high school swimmers. During the presentation the team is given 10 minutes to give the TRAITS – VALUES and SKILLS they are developing and experiencing by being a team member. The following list was generated by Coach Todd Schmitz’ team, the Colorado STARS , visited twice while Missy Franklin was in high school and this is what they created in 10 minutes. Some may be a stretch; however, it’s theirs. What can your team create?

Coaches interested in presenting Teamanship to their team checkout the routine in GAMES-GIMMICKS-CHALLENGES for Swimming Coaches (pg 313). You may be one of the 4,000 coaches with the book already?

Those highlighted in red are really important to me as a coach. Those in blue are the most important “influencing” words in the very successful careers of collegiate swimmers that competed in the 1970’s.

It’s a great way to sell our sport to participants and parents. Leave the words generated on a dry-erase board for the parents to see when they pick-up the swimmers. Parents love it!

The next topic will be Relating Training to Goals since we’ll be thinking about going fast at Senior and Junior Nationals.

Teamanship list by Colorado Stars, courtesy of Bob Steele


Four-time NCAA Division II Coach of the Year, Bob Steele, has developed world-ranked swimmers in 41 events, from which two American Records and six NCAA Division II National Records were achieved. Steele lead Cal State University- Bakersfield to five NCAA Division II National Championships team titles. His Southern Illinois University swim teams won six National Independent Championships.

Steele’s coaching wisdom can be summed up simply: “It’s not what you do, but how you do it,” and “if it’s fun to watch, it’s fun to do”.
Former swimmer, Roger VonJouanne termed “Steele training” as “distracted pain”.



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