Some Love for the Ladies In Hoco Dress Shopping Season

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September 15th, 2022 Lifestyle

Courtesy: Emma May

To the beautiful high school swimmer queens of the world:

I’ll be up front and say it. Trying to buy a dress for homecoming, prom, winter formal, or any other kind of fancy function at this high school level has been nothing but a train wreck for me. I’m sure many of you all will agree. I am a senior in high school this year, and have tried on a grand total of 78 dresses. You read that right, 78.

The number I purchased: 4. Not fun.

I am one of those girls that loves her swimmer build and everything about it: the shoulders, back, thighs, triceps, just the whole shebang. I am also one who bulks more than shreds for a reference point. It’s all the hard work I have put in and out of the pool. It’s something I am proud of, something that makes me, me.

Then it’s time to get that homecoming dress. Yeahhhh.

The times I have just stared at the mirror in those changing rooms seeing the frustration in my eyes, full of hurt have been some of my harder days. Whether it be, the back not zipping, the straps not fitting on the shoulders, the awkward appearance, not being able to get the dress on seemingly at all because everything is just too tight; it becomes a big emotional process. It doesn’t help seeing other girls trying on the same dresses and they fit perfectly into multiple, whereas I’m struggling to find one that I can zip up, tie in the back, and I am able to wear with my school’s strict dress code. Those are the days I feel less beautiful, less me, confused, hurt, and alone. But ladies, my BEAUTIFUL, elite, buff, shredded, muscular goddesses of the swim world!




It may be 23 dresses in, and you are losing hope, but I promise you, the dress will come! My advice to you lovely ladies, is to try anything. Even if you don’t like how it looks on the rack, or you don’t think it’s your style, give it a shot! My dress this year, I have never been a fan of wearing teal tones, but guess what color the dress is…teal! And I’m going to toot my own horn here. I LOOK SO GOOD! You will too! The second you put on the dress, you are going to look amazing; and its a dress, you get to show off the swimmer shoulders! We love the swimmer shoulders! Don’t be afraid to try something new!

If a time comes, you are in a bust, and you just can’t find a dress, look at the comment section. Ladies, I ask that you comment where you have found your dresses over the years, so we can help some of those who are stuck. Personally, I have found my dresses at “Altar’d State” and “Windsor”. Both are great options! The dresses have fit me very well and are great quality!

Remember girls! You are so so beautiful! Everything about you screams stunning! Do not let a dress take that mindset from you! I know it’s not easy some days, but on those days truly embrace yourself because you have put hours of hard work into swim, and it shows! Hardworking women are so admirable! Remember that always! You are beautiful!

With much love,

Emma May


Emma is a rising senior on Club Wolverine in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and a breaststroke specialist. She has been a swimmer on CW for 10 years, and a coach for one. Emma is also committed to the University of Connecticut for the fall of 2023! Roll ‘Skies!! 

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Sauni May-Garcia
12 days ago

Love this article Emma!

17 days ago

Loved the article then saw the author which made it even better 🙂

17 days ago

What a great article!!!

Emma May
17 days ago

thank you SwimSwam!!

Lores Barnier
Reply to  Emma May
12 days ago

You are such a super person in all you do Emma
you will go far in life

17 days ago

I would love to see a voice put to modern views of women and fashion standards – this article promotes an archaic beauty standard that falls flat for many athletes I know.

Reply to  anonymous
17 days ago

I am positive that Swimwear would consider your submission on this topic. Or are you just trying to put down Ms. May?

Reply to  Swimpop
17 days ago

Nah, just trying to sound smarter than they are, fishing for their favorite pejoratives.

“Archaic” doesn’t actually fit, because it is literally what millions of high school students wear. By definition, if it’s still widely used, it’s not archaic.

17 days ago

Windsor is my go to, adjustable straps fit my shoulders with a size small it’s a miracle

17 days ago

This is fantastic! 👏👏👏

maximum mchuge
17 days ago

Yes 🙌