Shouts From the Stands: Imagine The Possibility of the USA Hosting an Impossible World Championships

by SwimSwam 18

February 24th, 2015 International, National, News

Tiger Christian is a former member of the varsity team at UNLV, and below he shares his thoughts in response to recent comments by USA Swimming Executive Director Chuck Wielgus that it would be “impossible” for the United States to host the 2017 World Championships under the conditions that FINA has placed.

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Addressed to All Leadership Members of USA Swimming, ASCA, ISCA, and FINA:
In 2013 the World Championships in Barcelona had 181 nations and 2,293 athletes participate. The fact is that the U.S. can host the 2017 World Championships and that it is not an impossible task. I believe it to be a wise move for FINA to transfer the 5 million dollar fine money that Mexico owes to the new host city as a bonus for the late notice and rapid preparation process now in effect to help fix the problem and run a great quality championship.
Look at everything you do now from an angle you have never looked at before. Only yourself as an individual can find what that truly is and it is different from person to person. This is all simple mathematics, not energy systems or USRPT.
-Swimming athletes
-Diving athletes
-Polo athletes
-Synchro athletes
-Open water athletes
-Coaches and support staff
-Officials, volunteers, organizers
-Safety personnel, media, sponsors
This is an estimate of 4,000-5,000 individuals that function as the working mechanism that operate what the meet is by the task they do.
After that is established then it’s spectators, TV, newspapers, swim swam and the history books.
Everyone talks money this and money that and the price of gas going up or down as a reason for the U.S. not to host. Everything matters yes, but excuses should not get in the way of what really matters.
 Money is never a factor in a true element of competition. A rich man can beat a poor man and a poor man can beat a rich man. A rich nation can over power and beat a poor nation, and a poor nation can over come and beat a rich nation.

I am an American and would like to see my own country host the event in the nation that is mine. I believe there are many others that feel in their hearts the same way. This is a moment of adversity that could be transformed into a great opportunity.

A race is a race no matter where you compete and a champion is a champion with money never a factor when it really comes down to it.

Call Obama, tell him the situation and ask him if we can put it in Washington DC or Hawaii or where ever the best place in America is for this.

Who ever said it was impossible to host the Championships in the United States needs to remember along with everyone else that the word impossible spoken is only a word and does not define pure truth with the elements of the situation and the “Clocks tickin.”

The leadership of USA Swimming, ASCA, and ISCA should all try to learn something more from each other, share ideas, and approach FINA with the right mentality for victory, managing the element levels of business, tradition, and performance, with an acurate perspective and raising the bar.

I believe the best thing about hosting  the 2017 World Championships is that it creates a great opportunity for our country to build the greatest pool facility in the world.

A competition pool that is 50 meter by 33 and 1/3 meter by 20 feet deep running 12 lane heats has many benefits. It’s the next step because it gives more excitement and options in a race. The huge volume of athletes at meets will also give a better managing capability for the facility and timelines. The main competition pool can host swimming, diving, polo, and synchro in an outdoor arena having over 25,000 spectators seating capacity and retractable roof for weather conditions. Also having retractable diving platforms and boards for spacing as needed.

We could have the warm up pool be perpendicular to the race pool with a skybox between and above both having a tunnel connection to each pool. From above the pools will appear as a T shaped complex and the arena C shaped around the competition pool connecting into the sides of the skybox.

Have a couple helicopters flying above and 200 Marines on the ground if safety is an issue. If money is an issue call Wells Fargo or Donald Trump.

A gas price going up or down is nothing but an excuse. Get in your car or van and pay the price like everyone else at the station then go where you need to go. If  you are over the ocean then buy a plan ticket or hop on a boat.

These kind of events boost economies in the right area far beyond the last races. The facility can be a huge asset for training, camps, future meets, clinics, meetings, and pay for its function to be built and operate year to year re-shaping competitive swimming sports standards at a high level. ASCA, ISCA, and USA Swimming could each own 1/3 of the facility.

By my rights as an American Citizen living in a free country I nominate Chuck Wielgus, John Leonard, and Randy Reese as leaders of the building committee for the pool. I believe that these men have the experience needed to get the job done the right way. I also believe that  all this is new and can reshape and adjust as needed to be a great success for American Swimming. I finally believe that many other coaches, athletes, and supporters in our country and others will also support this mission.

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Man I really wish they had the 200 free relay and 200 medley relay at the long course world championships. Would be really exciting.


you obviously think hosting is real simple. $100 million to host doesn’t make sense. You get your money back on the Olympics and that is about it!!

Become the next Donald Trump and take on the project! Good luck!


Building new facilities is not needed. Why not a San Fran bay area pitch centered around Stanford but use this as the impetus to really finish the new pool at Berkeley? Split the events between pools, maybe leverage the great pool at the college in san Mateo for water pool? The hotel and transit infrastructure is in place, the swimming community is there and the pools are there.

I agree that Mr. Weiglus should reconsider, but only if FINA is willing to be creative about using a region and not one single facility.

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