She Said Yes! Michael Phelps Gets Engaged to Girlfriend Nicole Johnson

Late Saturday evening, the winningest Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps, announced his engagement to his long-time, off-and-on girlfriend Nicole Johnson.

The news was first reported by Phelps on his Instagram account, with another picture from his NBAC teammate Allison Schmitt hours later showing off the ring.

Michael Phelps Engaged


Phelps, arguably the most famous swimmer to ever walk the planet, is the owner of 22 Olympic medals, 18 of which are gold. That makes him the record holder in each category.

Johnson has earned fame and notoriety in her own right by being crowned Miss California USA in 2010. In 2007, she graduated with honors from USC, focusing her education on sports entertainment, and finished in the top 10 at the Miss USA pageant.

The two have reportedly been on-and-off again since 2007, before Phelps’ fame really exploded with his 8-for-8 Olympic gold medal performance in Beijing, and before Johnson competed in the Miss USA national finals.

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We Love Phelps
9 years ago

so happy to know Michael has found his other half.
hearty congrats to both and may their love grow for each other every day.
wowww…. a 5 carat diamond ring?…. i see a million fan girls heartbroken 😀

tall n wet
9 years ago

At least we know for sure Michael is with a REAL woman now lol

9 years ago

I see he did not shave for this “meet.” I bet he wore briefs as well. Can you imagine how much faster she would have said “YES” if he shaved and had jammers on him?

9 years ago

I was hoping MP ended up with Allison Schmitt. Oh well. Ms. Johnson seems nice too and will keep Michael out of trouble. Best wishes to them both!!

Gina Rhinestone
Reply to  easyspeed
9 years ago

I thought he was marrying both by that pic .

Reply to  easyspeed
9 years ago

I liked the idea of “Schmelps” too, before this past fall, but “keeping Michael out of trouble” is proving to be a HUUUUGE task that I don’t think Allison is well suited for…..nor is Michael! At least Nicole knows what she’s getting into & has that beauty-queen fight tooth-and-nail killer instinct. 🙂 It would be nice if MP could turn over a new leaf & stop humiliating America.

Reply to  Diana
9 years ago

(and I mean that in the most supportive way)

9 years ago

So happy for the guy, but I’m thinking it’s interesting he wouldn’t marry a fellow swimmer.

9 years ago

Congrats to Phelps! I always wondered if this would happen since him and her have been on and off before.

9 years ago

This marriage won’t last more than 60 years. 😉

Caitlin Garrison
9 years ago

Congrats to them. Kind of romantic as they have known each other for so long. Looks like his life is heading in the right direction and he is in a good place.

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