Why Swimming to Music Matters – Feature Video

Music is everywhere.

From our alarm clocks, our phones, our cars, to the background of the elevators, lobbies and offices. There is no denying that music is a vital part of our lives. We look for music to inspire us, motivate us and escape to another world.

Many athletes vow that music is one of the most essential tools they have.

We see it during sporting events; many of the top athletes in Basketball and Football have developed the culture of having the latest headphones while arriving and warming up for games. Baseball and Hockey games have specific songs produced and played exclusively for them. Anyone heading to the gym or going for a run can take their music with them. But what about the swimmers?

We are constantly chasing that never-ending black line.

Though many may argue, the silence of the water can be deafening. Coaches, teammates, parents and spectators cheer their hearts out to no avail. The outside world is literally drowned out. When you are in the water you are alone with your own thoughts. What if swimmers could have that extra push? What if you had the ability to get that one chart topping song out of your head? But even better yet…what if you had a tool that could increase your tempo, help you follow your pace, increase your stroke or kick rate? What if there was a way to simply listen to tracks that helped you develop the fundamentals and improved your technique? Now there is. First timers, elite swimmers, masters, and open water swimmers can now enjoy a world filled with music and its never ending possibilities. Press Play to the Future of Swimming.

The above video features

50-Yard American Record-Holder Lara Jackson

2013 Bronze Medalist at the World Championships Felipe Lima

2012 Brazilian Olympian Marcelo Chierighini

World-Leading Researcher in Music and Sport Dr. Costas Karageorghis

High School Swimmer Judson Grosvenor

and creator of the swim to music program

Coach Dennis Lugemwa

Head to www.swimtomusic.com for updates.

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Swim to Music is a SwimSwam partner.

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8 years ago

I have been listening to music for a couple of years to encourage and enhance my training. This sounds like an awesome opportunity for swimmers. Check out the myaquaboom.com For products specifically designed for the swimmer who wants to listen to music.

Aussie Jason
8 years ago

The researcher wears a white lab coat at the pool? Really?

Swim Nerd
Reply to  Aussie Jason
8 years ago

I just googled that doctor…looks to be a genius. I believe he has conducted studies with BBC

8 years ago

So I still have no clue what the product is. Good job.