Shane Tusup Is No Longer the Coach of Ilaria Cusinato

Shane Tusup is no longer the coach of Ilaria Cusinato, interrupting project “Olympic Dark Horse” almost 9 months out of the start of the Tokyo Olympics.

After only 3 months of collaboration their work together is already interrupted. The reasons behind this decision seems to be related to the human side of their relation more than the sporting one.

Rumors have been swirling, but Tusup confirmed the news on YouTube on Saturday.

“Unfortunately we had to ask Dàvid Foldhàzi to step away from the team. It was a group decision and unfortunately there were some serious issues with him breaking team rules. We just couldn’t have him impacting the direction of the team in that manner.

“In regards to Ilaria Cusinato at this point the doors are still Open for her to return. However, we’ve got to the point where we needed to have her take some time to figure out what her direction is. What her main purpose is. And how devoted she is to the big picture, to the big goal. It was a group decision we’d love to have her back but if she’s going to return to the team we need to make sure and she’s fully devoted to what she wants to accomplish (that) she’s a positive influence and motivated among the team. We know exactly where the team is going, we know everyone’s goals are. There aren’t small decisions, they are difficult and we need the whole team working as a unit so everyone can be successful in this year. So, yes, that’s the current status now and we look forward bringing you more updates.”

Foldhàzi, with whom Cusinato appears to be in a relationship based on recent episodes of “Olympic Dark Horse,” also had a falling out with Tusup and was removed from the team.

Were their daily approaches incompatible?

Last summer Tusup left his newborn career as a long-drive golfer to start coaching again.  Shane Tusup, former coach and ex-husband of the 3x Olympic champion Katinka Hosszu, asked Hosszu’s 400 IM rival Cusinato  to join him on a new project headed to Tokyo 2020.

The team Tusup created was build around Cusinato and completed by 3 other Hungarian swimmers: Zsombor Bujdosò, Liliana Szilagyi and Dàvid Foldhàzi. It’s not clear at this stage if Tusup is intended to continue to coach the rest of the group, which will now consist of a group of Hungarians that had been training primarily in central Italy.

The loudest signs of trouble came when Cusinato removed all images from her time training with Tusup from her Instagram account.

The future of the “Olympic Dark Horse” channel on YouTube is up in the air, but at least seems to be over for Ilaria’s  fans. The reality show that documented her training sessions, released on the Shane’s channel, will end with the last episode or will find a new main character?

The 19-year old Ilaria Cusinato has been twice silver medalist at the 2018 Glasgow European Championships, in the 200 IM and in the 400 IM, in both cases behind Katinka Hosszu. The swimming community is now waiting to know her choices about the professional future.

Prior to Tusup, Cusinato was training with Stefano Morini, an Italian National Team coach.

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East bound and west bound trains are on the same track, at the same time, 10 X 200m apart…

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