Sedov And Chimrova Set Junior World Marks At Russian Championships

Two Junior World Records went down on the final day of competition at the Russian National Championships in Moscow.

Evgeny Sedov who earlier in the competition took down kiwi Daniel Bell‘s mark in the 50 butterfly twice in one day, matched the feat in the 50 freestyle posting a time of 22.11 in the prelims and then 22.07 in the semi-finals. Sedov matched and then broke Australian Luke Percy‘s standard of 22.11. Just as in the 50 butterfly Sedov had been faster than the standard in March, recording a 21.98, but this was before April 1st which was the date that FINA officially recognized any new junior records.

Sedov went on to record a 22.08 in the men’s final which put him just outside of the medals.

Vlad Morozov won the event in a time of 21.55, which puts him in the third place position in the world rankings behind Brazilians Cesar Cielo (21.39) and Bruno Fratus (21.45). This was the second top three ranking that Morozov put up in the last 24 hours, recording the second fastest 50 backstroke this year in Friday night’s finals.

2014 LCM Men 50 Free TYR World Ranking

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He was followed by Andrey Grechin who finished in a time of 21.94 and Sergey Fesik who posted a 22.03.

Svetlana Chimrova set a new Junior World Record in the winning the women’s 50 butterfly in a time of 26.24 beating her own mark of 26.32. Chimrova’s time ties her with Melanie Henique of France for eighth in the world rankings. Anastasia Lyazeva finished second in a time of 26.65 followed Rosalia Nasretdinova who touched in a time of 26.72.

That was not the only excitement on the evening as Vyachesla Prudnikov and Nikita Konovalov took over the top two spots in the world rankings in the men’s 100 butterfly. Prudnikov won the event in a time of 51.60 followed by Konovalov who finished in a time of 51.83 while Eugene Korotyshkin posted the seventh fastest time in the world hitting the wall in a time of 52.09.

2014 LCM Men 100 Fly TYR World Ranking

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Daria Ustinova took the women’s 100 backstroke in a time of 59.78 tying Georgie Davies of Great Britain for fourth in the world rankings.

2014 LCM Women 100 Back TYR World Ranking

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Ustinova who set a new Junior World Record earlier in the competition posting a 2:08.02 in the 200 backstroke was not able to challenge Mie Nielsen‘s record of 59.36. She was followed by Anastasia Klyarovskaya who posted a 1:01.67 and Alexandra Papusha who finished in a time of 1:01.70.

Nikita Lobintsov took the men’s 200 freestyle in a time of 1:46.76 which is good enough for ninth in the world. Alexander Sukhorukov finished second posting a time of 1:47.39 followed by Viacheslav Andrusenko who touched in a time of 1:47.88. The fourth man in was Artem Louzov who finished in a time of 1:48.27. The four make up a relay team that will be in the hunt for the top prize at the European Championships.

Andrei Nikolayev took the men’s 100 breaststroke in a time of 1:00.41, which fell just outside the world’s top 10 while Vitalina Simonova took the women’s event in a time of 1:08.31.

Semen Makovich won the men’s 400 IM in a time of 4:17.55 while Victoria Andreyeva taking the women’s 200 IM in a time of 2:12.20.

Full results can be found here 

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9 years ago

I dont think that Ustinova can beat Missy, her improvement from 2013 to today just wasnt big enough. I think that Nielsen, Zevina and Ustinova will battle for silver and bronze and the 200 back final in rio will probably the fastest ever.

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
9 years ago

A swimmer’s rate of improvement is not always linear, and I think being the fastest ever 15 yo in 100 back in textile (the fastest ever 15 yo in 100 back is Emily Seebohm) is an indication she has some talent, regardless if she’s doped.

The most dangerous situation is of course great talent + cutting edge PED. And we’ve seen a plenty of that.

9 years ago

In general i agree that everyone has to be seen as clean until he gets caught, but take for example Ustinova: She was caught doping last year at age 14 and i cant believe that she was able to do this on her one, her trainers were involved for sure, this shows that they do everything for success, it reminds me of the ddr’s system. When even a 14 year old isnt clean i just cant believe that any of russias best swimmers is clean.

Philip Johnson
Reply to  thomaslurzfan
9 years ago

I second that.

Reply to  thomaslurzfan
9 years ago

Actually.. there is 2 Ustinova.. the backstroker.. and the freestyler.. the one who got caught was the freestyler…

Reply to  Rafael
9 years ago

And both of them are Darya. It mixes up everybody

9 years ago

Ustinova may beat missys time by rio she might actually be the biggest opponent of her

Reply to  Rafael
9 years ago

If she can keep her rate of improvement, then yes, she’ll be in the mix for medal.

Remember, Ustinova is still 15 and already swimming 59.78!! Missy did not break 1 minute until she was 16.

But don’t forget also Mie NIelsen. She’ll be in the mix too.

bobo gigi
9 years ago

Chimrova is impressive.
Who is Prudnikov? Never heard of him before today. 🙂

9 years ago

Great times, but its sad that noone can take them serious after all the russian swimmers that have been caught doping recently.

bobo gigi
Reply to  thomaslurzfan
9 years ago

You’re right. There will be always a big suspicion.
But not caught, not guilty in my opinion.
Otherwise we can’t watch a race anymore.

They prepare a great team for next year with plenty of young talented swimmers.
Hopefully most of them are clear.
I’m not a fan of Russia but I’m not going to accuse all its swimmers because of all the recent cases. It would be unfair for them.

bobo gigi
9 years ago

Most of all these junior world records are a joke!
The real women’s 100 back junior world record is 58.33 by Missy Franklin in 2012.

Reply to  bobo gigi
9 years ago

It is true that if all past results are included, Franklin’s London result would be the real junior world record.

HOWEVER, you have to give credit to Ustinova.
She’s still 15 and already swims 59.78!! Missy did not break 1 minute until she was 16.

9 years ago

Ustinova’s time is a junior world record. Junior world best time set by FINA is 1:00.59 by Daryna Zevina.
Nielsen time can’t be junior world record because she’s born in 1996. She will be 18 yo on the 31 December 2014, so she’s not eligible to be a Junior World Record Holder in women’s event.

Reply to  Wirotomo
9 years ago

Yes, Mie Nielsen’s cannot be the record, because she will turn 18 this September.
FINA states clearly that junior world records can only be broken by a swimmer who’s between 14-17 (for female) and 15-18 (male) by the end of the year when they broke the record.

9 years ago

Was expecting 21.8 for sedov.

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