Sean Green Demolishes Oldest 13-14 Boys SCY NAG Record with 15:05 in the 1650

by Robert Gibbs 20

March 15th, 2022 News


We were expecting to see some fast swimming this week in Orlando, and we have so far, but perhaps the most impressive time of the first day of racing didn’t come from a win.

Instead, 14 year-old Sean Green of the Long Island Aquatic Club demolished the 13-14 National Age Group record in the 1650 free with his third-place time of 15:05.83 tonight. Green touched behind a pair of 17 year-olds, Levi Sandidge (14:49.75) and Giovanni Linscheer (14:51.96) but otherwise Green finished ahead of every other swimmer in the field, almost of whom are older than he is.

With his swim tonight, Green broke the previous NAG record of 15:14.17, set by Arthur Frayler back in December of 2008. That was the oldest 13-14 boys NAG record on the books in yards, with no other records older than 2013.

The explosion of fast age group swimming over the last few years means that there aren’t many very old records left, but there are a few. One of the most notable ones is the equivalent long course event, the 1500m free. The 13-14 boys NAG record dates way back to 1976, and still held by the legendary Jesse Vassallo at 15:31.03.

Coming into today, Green’s fastest time in the 1650 was a 15:23.14, which he swam last December at the NCAP Invitational. To provide a little more context, Green went 15:53.62 at the 2021 NCSA Spring Championship, meaning that’s dropped almost 48 seconds in the last year.

Green sits at #8 all-time among US 13-14 boys in the 1500m free with a lifetime best of 15:46.08 from last summer.

Green is also scheduled to swim the 200 fly, 400 IM, 500 free, and 1000 free this week in Orlando.

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MA swims 56 100br in Paris
2 years ago


2 years ago

Amazing swim. This kid must have an engine!

K chilly
2 years ago

2018 Winter Juniors West was won in a 15:07 by Noah Brune. I can’t believe 14 year olds are going a time that would win a juniors meet 4 years ago

Reply to  K chilly
2 years ago


  1. Jake Magahey, SwimAtlanta – 14:51.54
  2. Arik Katz, Sarasota Tsunami – 15:01.92
  3. Noah Brune, Mission Viejo Nadadores – 15:07.52
  4. Tyler Kopp, Katy Aquatic Team – 15:08.72
  5. Jake Mitchell, Carmel Swim Club – 15:09.39
  6. Ian Grum, Dynamo Swim Club – 15:09.95
  7. Jude Williams, Riverside Aquatics – 15:11.84
  8. Jack Leuthold, Billings Aquatic Club – 15:13.94

Last edited 2 years ago by NB1
Reply to  NB1
2 years ago

Magahey and Katz were Juniors EAST.

Reply to  HulkSwim
2 years ago

this is the combined list, East West

2 years ago

Haha I remember some invitationals where the 1500/1650 was the only event I was spared!

Reply to  Drewbrewsbeer
2 years ago

lol this isn’t about you, Drew

Reply to  bruh
2 years ago

200 fly, close enough!

2 years ago

Congratulations to Sean on his NAG. That was a tough record to beat. His name will likely stay on the record books for a long time.

Reply to  Marklewis
2 years ago

Yes congratulations to Sean and it was a very tough record to beat, however I think we will see what we see so often, once one person does it the floodgates open and others will pour thorough. Doesn’t take anything away from. Sean. He broke it first.

Reply to  Marklewis
2 years ago

Not sure when he turns 15 but I wonder if he could potentially get close to that 13-14 vassallo record

Reply to  PFA
2 years ago

He turns 15 sometime within the next week

Miles Dulac
Reply to  Marklewis
1 year ago

that lasted

2 years ago

Holy smokes, what a swim. 9:09 to the 1000, that 9:02 NAG by Hirschberger is on watch for later in the week. Congrats, Sean!

2 years ago

I am happy this record was broken. It seems to be a very weak event among the men. Especially when you get to the 13-14 and higher age groups

Reply to  SEC Guy
2 years ago

13-14: 15:05
15-16: 14:37
17-18: 14:34

boy would I love to be in the position to call those relatively weak

Reply to  Monkeyseemonkeydoodoo
2 years ago

I mean Liam Custer just broke the 15-16, the 17-18 was done at NCAAs a few years ago.
LCM our mile Nags are Vassallo for the 13-14 1976, Bobby Hackett 15-16 1976, and Larsen Jensen 17-18 2004. Yes the LCM records are strong times but it leads anyone to think that maybe America hasn’t had a focus on distance if the newest LCM record from that bunch is from 18 years ago and the older ones are 46 years old.

Reply to  PKWater
2 years ago

Training a teenage boy to swim that fast these days they consider it child abuse

Reply to  Taa
2 years ago

Has there been a non American that went faster than these NAG records?

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