Scoring The NCAA Men’s Teams Based On Midseason Rankings

Per the request of some of our commenters, we’ve gone through and scored out how the men’s NCAA team battle would go based on the midseason rankings. It should be noted that a handful of teams were without some of their best swimmers. For example, Texas was without Joseph Schooling at their invite, and Will Licon only swam one of his main individual races. Cal will bring back Long Gutierrez and add transfer Matt Josa in January. Some other teams, including Michigan and Georgia, had swimmers focus on the Short Course World Championships instead of collegiate invites.

This article only discusses scores based on the men’s rankings, which you can find here. We’re currently working on the women’s version, which will be posted soon.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Some swimmers were ranked in the top 16 in more than 3 events. We took their 3 highest finishes and dropped them out of the others, bumping the next fastest swimmers up into the top 16 and assigning scores accordingly.
  • It should also be noted that swimmers were able to swim all 5 relays at these invites, which they won’t be able to do at NCAAs unless the only swim 2 individual events.
  • Diving will play a role in the team scoring at NCAAs, which isn’t accounted for here.

NCAA Men’s Team Scores Based on Midseason Rankings

Place Team Score
1 California 394.5
2 Stanford 336
3 Texas 328.5
4 Missouri 236
5 Georgia 232
6 Southern California 220.5
7 Indiana 200.5
8 Florida 192.5
9 NC State 181.5
10 Louisville 180
11 Arizona 173
12 Alabama 163.5
13 Arizona State 89
14 Florida State 75.5
15 Texas A&M 74
16 Auburn 59
17 LSU 47
18 Wisconsin 45
18 Denver 45
20 Virginia 42
21 Cornell 29
22 Penn State 27
23 South Carolina 21
24 Kentucky 19
25 Minnesota 17
26 Georgia Tech 14
26 BYU 14
28 Tenessee 12
28 Northwestern 12
30 Harvard 10
31 UNC 7
31 Purdue 7
33 Ohio State 5
33 Duke 5
33 Navy 5
36 Cleveland State 4
37 Virginia Tech 2
37 UNLV 2
37 Missouri State 2

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5 years ago

Is this being done for women?

Reply to  Lollipop
5 years ago

Yes when do we get to see this for the women!

Reply to  Lollipop
5 years ago

Of course SwimSwam will rank the women just like they did the men! SWIMSWAM is the best resource for swimming in the world! Thank you to all of the writers and founders.

Frank the tank
5 years ago

MIZ top 5!!!!

5 years ago

And those TX results have no Schooling yet — and I don’t believe they have Licon in IMs yet, even though his injury (if that’s what it is) has improved enough to allow him to swim a 1:50 200 breast.

Reply to  SwimGeek
5 years ago

and diving is usually huge for the Longhorns too. they are still the favorites

5 years ago

NCAA predictions:
50 free: Ringgold 18.3
100 free: Ringgold 40.9
200 free: Haas 1:29.5
500 free: Smith 4:06.9
1650 free: Smith 14:27.5
100 fly: Schooling 43.8
200 fly: Conger 1:36.1
100 back: that Cal guy that’s kinda okay I guess 43.3
200 back: same as above 1:34.4
100 breast: Temple 51.0
200 breast: Licon 1:47.9
200 IM: Licon 1:39.4
400 IM: Licon 3:33.9
200 FR: Texas 1:14.0
400 FR: Texas 2:46.9
800 FR: Texas 6:07.7
200 MR: Cal 1:23.0
400 MR: Texas 2:59.5

Hope my biases didn’t shine through too much…

Reply to  Ebmarah
5 years ago

Joe is going to be pretty pissed that you only expect a 43.8 out of him.

Reply to  R&R
5 years ago

43.6 for Joe Bob School’em

ct swim fan
Reply to  Ebmarah
5 years ago

Never crossed my mind that you like Texas.

Reply to  Ebmarah
5 years ago

WOW looks like Texas will leap-frog Stanford fer sure! Maybe even Cal (unless UT does not enter any relays).

Reply to  Ebmarah
5 years ago

When you think about it, those times don’t really seem out of reach… Maybe Brett’s are a bit too fast, but at the rate he’s dropping, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes 18.6 and 41 low this year.

5 years ago

There is no doubt in my mind right now that Texas is still the heavy favorite to win this year. I can’t recall them losing too many scorers from last year. Cal lost pebley and prenot. The addition of Josa mitigates the loss of Cal seniors somewhat, but it won’t help Cal catch up to Texas.

Many bright spots for Cal still. Pawel Sendyk probably surprised me the most.

5 years ago

Those FSU boys really turning the page this season! Nice to see that program getting back to being competitive some fast times from this past weekend.

5 years ago

Where is Michigan?

Reply to  Sam
5 years ago

Their best guys (Powers and Ransford, and probably White too though not sure) are focused on SC worlds and thus didn’t taper for the SCY midseason meets. Still that they couldn’t put together a top 16 relay in spite of that is kinda crazy. They won NCAAs four years ago!

Reply to  Sam
5 years ago

Michigan is near Minnesota, south of Canada

5 years ago

add in 70 points for IU’s divers and they will easily be top 5

Reply to  Toast
5 years ago

Two years ago I believe the two divers that redshirted this year for IU scored 79 points… could shake things up quite a bit

Reply to  Toast
5 years ago

last year*

Reply to  Toast
5 years ago

IU is a program of substantive tradition, great alumni base, great academics, great coaching with momentum on their side. Yes with diving IU can challenge for a top 5 finish. Doc is probably happy about the possibilities now! TX, CAL, NC STATE, UGA, IU, UF, STAN, MISSOURI are my elite 8 picks. All great programs led by great coaches. FUN!

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