Schroeder Y Breaks Girls and Boys 200 Medley Relay YMCA National Records


  • April 8-11, 2021
  • WSAC, Brown Deer, WI
  • Short Course Yards
  • Results on Meet Mobile “2021 YMCA Swimming Festival”

On the first night of the 2021 YMCA Swimming Festival – Brown Deer site, hosts Schroeder Y broke the YMCA National Records in both the boys and girls 200 medley relays. The women’s relay went first, shattering the previous record of 1:40.99 with their time of 1:38.94. Alana Berlin, Tori Brostowitz, Megan Hartlieb, and Sailor Whowell teamed up for that record-breaking relay.

Berlin led the squad off in 24.89, which was essentially a tie with her personal best of 24.82, swum just a few weeks ago. Brostowitz then dove in for a 27.26 on the breast leg, Hartlieb clocked a 24.02 fly split, and Whowell anchored in 22.77.

Schroeder was actually the 2nd team to break the men’s 200 medley relay record last night, as GSCY broke the record with a 1:28.66 at the Voorhes, NJ site of the meet. Being an hour ahead, that happened before Schroeder Y came through and posted a 1:28.53. Ziyad Saleem, Owen Miller, Jack Lustig, and Ben Meulemans teamed up for Schroeder Y to break that record. Saleem led off in a personal best of 21.78, dipping under 22 seconds for the first time in his career.

Here is a split comparison between GSCY and Schroeder’s record-breaking swims last night:

Stroke GSCY Schroeder
Backstroke Jack Alexy – 21.72 Ziyad Saleem – 21.78
Breaststroke Matt Fallon – 24.31 Owen Miller – 24.81
Butterfly Trent Russano – 22.15 Jack Lustig – 22.07
Freestyle Rob Alexy – 20.48 Ben Meulemans – 19.87
Final Time 1:28.66 1:28.53

As the splits show, Schroeder’s advantage over Greater Somerset came in the back half of the race, particularly on Meulemans’ anchor leg. GSCY outsplit Schroeder by half a second on the breast leg.

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Hint of Lime
2 years ago

Saleem and Alexy will be training partners at Cal — backstroke bears can face off

Swim nerd
Reply to  Hint of Lime
2 years ago

That cal backstroke group is just getting stronger

Dr Deluxe
2 years ago

A testament to a great program under Coach Dave Anderson and his staff! This pool has been the foundation for many of the areas swimming programs during this pandemic as they made their facilities available to those teams that had closed pools in metropolitan Milwaukee. It is great
that YMCA teams around the country found a way to have a championship event !

Isaac Kauffman
Reply to  Dr Deluxe
2 years ago

So many of the YMCAs around the country have been able to open, make their pools available, and run “in person championship” meets. Our USA club could not open for about five months and most of our swimmers went to the YMCA