Schmidtke, De Lucca Among Day 2 Scratches At Indianapolis PSS


There have been a total of 19 scratches among swimmers seeded inside the top-24 in their respective event for day 2 of the TYR Pro Swim Series – Indianapolis, including three from the top eight.

Two of those top eight scratches come in the women’s 100 fly, where 3rd seed Aliena Schmidtke and 8th seed Hali Flickinger have both bowed out. Schmidtke, a native of Germany, was a semi-finalist in the event at the 2017 World Championships, placing 10th in a best time of 57.87. This was her only entry of the weekend, so she won’t be competing at all, but Flickinger will swim on day 2 in the 400 free. She’s also entered to swim the 400 IM, 200 back, 200 free, 200 fly, 200 IM and 800 free over the course of the weekend. 19th and 27th seeds Asia Seidt and Grace Ariola also scratched the event.

The other top eight scratch came from Brazilian Joao de Lucca, who is out of the men’s 100 free as the 8th seed. The same goes for #9 seed Mohamed Samy. Neither swimmer is entered in another event on day 2, so we’ll have to wait and see whether or not they’ll be in attendance at all.

Other notable scratches include 9th and 12th seeds Hannah Moore and Melanie Margalis from the women’s 400 free, 12th seed Drew Kibler from the men’s 400 free, and 12th seed Miguel De Lara Ojeda from the men’s 200 breast. Check out all top-24 seeded scratches for day 2 below (Ariola was the 27th seed but with other scratches would’ve been in the top-24 had she not scratched).

  • Aliena Schmidtke, women’s 100 fly, 3rd seed
  • Hali Flickinger, women’s 100 fly, 8th seed
  • Asia Seidt, women’s 100 fly, 19th seed
  • Grace Ariola, women’s 100 fly, 27th seed
  • Brendan Santana, men’s 100 fly, 12th seed
  • Cason Wilburn, men’s 100 fly, 13th seed
  • Hannah Moore, women’s 400 free, 9th seed
  • Melanie Margalis, women’s 400 free, 12th seed
  • Drew Kibler, men’s 400 free, 12th seed
  • Andrej Ivanovic, men’s 400 free, 19th seed
  • Rachael Bradford-Feldman, women’s 200 breast, 17th seed
  • Madison Winstead, women’s 200 breast, 20th seed
  • Miguel De Lara Ojeda, men’s 200 breast, 12th seed
  • Jack Kucharczyk, men’s 200 breast, 17th seed
  • Grace Ariola, women’s 100 free, 14th seed
  • Joao De Lucca, men’s 100 free, 8th seed
  • Mohamed Samy, men’s 100 free, 9th seed
  • Glen Brown, men’s 100 free, 21st seed
  • Nick Carlson, men’s 100 free, 22nd seed

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