Ryan Lochte Wins First National Title Since 2014 with 200 IM Victory


Olympic champion Ryan Lochte returned to competition this week in Palo Alto, California, racing for the first time in over a year as his 14-month suspension expired this week. Lochte kicked things off with a 200 IM time trial on Wednesday, posting a 1:57.88. That was his fastest time in the event since the 2016 Rio Olympics by a full second. Tonight, he lowered that mark a bit to win the title in 1:57.76. Lochte finished over a second ahead of the field.

Lochte’s Splits:

  • 50 fly- 25.54
  • 50 back- 29.47
  • 50 breast- 34.12
  • 50 free- 28.63
  • Final Time- 1:57.76

Lochte could be named to his first national team since 2016 after that performance. He was a member of the USA Olympic squad in 2016, but failed to medal in the 200 IM there. Making the team for 2019-2020 would be a good first step in his comeback. Lochte is now the 4th fastest American of 2019 in this event, just a tenth behind Worlds team member Abrahm DeVine.

The 200 IM is also Lochte’s best shot at making an individual Olympic appearance in 2020. Right now the leading American man is 2017 World Champion Chase Kalisz, who put up a 1:56.78 for Worlds bronze this summer. Lochte is still the World Record holder in the event.

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Tea rex
3 years ago

Even though he can be a dolt, I’ve always admired Ryan. He’s put in the work year in and year out. He wasn’t gifted with Phelps’ flexibility, wingspan, or freak metabolism – his work ethic put him on top. I hope he takes time to focus on swimming for 2020, then gets back to family time.

3 years ago

Ryan, could like, get it

Phelps swims 200 breast rio
3 years ago

Wins nationals at 35!

3 years ago

semi off topic but I noticed Shebat was wearing the NYAC cap. Others have worn that cap too. What is up with that?

3 years ago

Great coach there. Really know how to train his swimmers.

3 years ago

Might be like the Mission Viejo/Indiana collab. It’s rare but sometimes big club teams will pay a little for exposure from big athletes at meets like this.

Ol' Longhorn
3 years ago

It’s the Mizuno of swim caps.

3 years ago


Reply to  Swimgeek
3 years ago


3 years ago

Good swim for Lochte. Don’t believe he will swim any faster than 1:56 next year but that could be enough for another Olympic berth!

Reply to  Crannman
3 years ago

Old boy looked like he needed oxygen after the race.

Reply to  Scribble
3 years ago

5 race 5 days already and this is logic age 35. Great athlete. Oldest male champion ever now.

Awsi Dooger
Reply to  Crannman
3 years ago

I don’t think he’ll get down below 1:57. I know that seems unreasonable now but I’m not a believer in adjustments over base logic. There’s a reason we don’t see elite swimmers of that age, other than 50s. Lochte will put in all the work but the results won’t cooperate. I think Phelps could still make the team in this event if he dedicated. Lochte will fall just short.

3 years ago

He may have had his fair share of ups and downs but Lochte is a pure racer and hes never backed down from a challenge…whether it be racing MP in their best events in their primes or entering the 400IM at ’16 trails knowing he had a bad groin. I think he’ll embrace the challenge of trying to make the team next year

Reply to  MKW
3 years ago

I like how you said that! Inner fire behind that laid back friendliness. He will embrace this challenge and I’m so excited for him!

Reply to  JerDawg
3 years ago

Thanks! He’s certainly a great competitor and I love that he never backs down from a challenge and takes risks, he’s true to himself and I appreciate that

3 years ago

2020 bound 🔥🔥

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