Ryan Lochte: 200 Backstroke Gold Medal from 2008 Olympics is Missing

Anne Lepesant
by Anne Lepesant 33

September 17th, 2020 News

In this weekend’s episode of In Depth with Graham Bensinger, Ryan Lochte admitted that the gold medal he won in the 200 backstroke at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing is missing.

Lochte gave Bensinger a tour of his Gainesville, Florida home, where they looked through his Olympic gold medals. As he explained how he won each medal, he said that he had no idea where the 2008 gold was. “There is actually one missing, in 2008,” Lochte said. “And it is the gold. The 200 backstroke one. I don’t know where it is.” Later he added “I have a couple guesses.” When pressed by Bensinger, Lochte suggested it might have been taken by either his former agent or his mother. “Those are my guesses. They said they don’t have it but they have to. Those are the only two places [it] could have been.”

The home tour continued into his son Caiden’s room, where there is a framed cap that Pablo Morales signed and gave to Lochte in 1992. “This cap is basically where I wanted to become an Olympian and represent USA at the Olympics,” he reminisced. “I remember seeing him win and congratulating all the other swimmers… really good sportsmanship… and then walking along the pool deck and signing people’s caps and taking pictures. That is a hero. That is amazing. I was like, ‘I want to be just like him.’”

During the course of the full interview, in which he addressed topics such as being misled by Alex Rodriguez’s CNBC show ‘Back in the Game,’ the demise of his relationship with his mother, and other intimate details of his life, Lochte talked about his relationship with Michael Phelps. He contends that they enjoyed racing against each other and that the two competitors made each other better. He also talks about how much he likes Phelps today. “He likes to help now. He’s giving out pointers. He wants to be a role model for everyone.”

Lochte talked about his children, Caiden and Liv (“we call her Sissy”) and about teaching Kaden to swim.

Finally, he talked about his goals for Tokyo. “I feel like I have more to prove and more things to overcome than ever before.”

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1 day ago
Last edited 1 day ago by YaYeeter
Caleb Montrealez
1 day ago

Can’t he ask his mother where it is then!????

Reply to  Caleb Montrealez
1 day ago

Doesn’t have a relationship with her, mentioned about halfway through the article

Reply to  DMacNCheez
1 day ago

People forget that she was the one who said he got robbed, he never told media that. I’d be pissed at her too

Reply to  NYswim
1 day ago

He says it’s because she said some nasty stuff when he told her he was having a kid. There’s definitely some juicy tea we aren’t hearing…

Ol' Longhorn
Reply to  DMacNCheez
1 day ago

And have no business hearing.

Reply to  NYswim
22 hours ago

But why did he tell her he’d been robbed if he wasn’t?

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  Walter
22 hours ago

He was extorted so it is easy to see how he would describe that as being robbed. I’m not sure the difference would be obvious when in a foreign country and drunk.

Reply to  Walter
18 hours ago

We don’t know what he told her, but someone pulled a gun on him demanding money, that’s pretty close to “robbery.” Add in the stress of the situation, language barrier, and intoxication, it’s not very hard to believe that he felt like he was being robbed.

Justin Thompson
Reply to  DMacNCheez
21 hours ago

As long as she’s still breathing he can ask the question.

1 day ago

Ryan – Through the ups and downs of life traversed, you have two precious gifts from God in your children. While I prefer to remain anonymous, I know you and have shared many great moments with you as a competitor and adversary of sorts. Very sad to hear you are missing one gold medal – but as time passes the value to you will fade. Sorry also to read of your hiatus relationship with your Mother – I am pulling for healing and a renewed relationship filled with grace. You have always been and continue to be your own man. Your growth emotionally and spiritually will make you even more special than you are today. You are an amazing, gifted… Read more »

6-Beat Kick
Reply to  SwimFan
15 hours ago

…..Phelps? Cseh? Peirsol?

Billy mays
Reply to  6-Beat Kick
7 hours ago

Michael Andrew would be my guess

Edit: hmm nah, probably someone older. I just got a religious tone off this

Last edited 7 hours ago by Billy mays

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