Rick Curl Accuser Currin Speaks Out

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Kelley Currin, the swimmer who has accused the high-profile founder of the Curl Burke swim club, has released a statement through a spokesperson for her attorney Robert Allard.

In the statement, Currin alleges that USA Swimming was provided “months” ago with the same documentation released today by the Washington Post.

Meanwhile, Rick Curl has taken a leave from his post in the administrative offices of Curl Burke.

The Statement released by Currin’s attorney is below:

Currin states, “It is disappointing that USA Swimming has known about Rick Curl and his admission for several months now and has chosen to act only when the Washington Post reports the admission. I faxed the settlement agreement and admission by Rick Curl to a USA Swimming investigator in April of this year. I also followed up and communicated via phone with USA Swimming’s Susan Woesnner, the so-called “Athlete Protection Officer”. I know now that Woesnner was giving me lip service by saying they were sympathetic but then going ahead and giving Rick Curl coaching credentials to the US Olympic Trials in Omaha, Nebraska.  For USA Swimming to tell the media that they just learned of my complaint late last Friday afternoon” (July 20), is an outright lie. There was nothing sent to USA Swimming on July 20 that it did not already have in its possession. The only thing that changed is that the Washington Post got involved. Only then did they give the appearance that they were concerned about my complaint. The fact is that USA Swimming has known about Rick Curl for years.”

Attorney Robert Allard is asking USA Swimming to protect the victim from further abuse by having her recall in detail a painful chapter in her life. Allard states, “USA Swimming and its leaders should resign in disgrace for allowing Curl and other swim coaches to molest young swimmers.” To date, more than 60 USA Swimming coaches have been banned for life for sexually molesting young swimmers.

Currin also states, “Despite Rick Curl’s signed admission, USA Swimming wants me to relive the molestation by going into detail on every sex act committed by Curl. This is insulting to me and to every molestation victim.”

Read USA Swimming’s statement on the emergency hearing, released this morning, here. In their previous statement, USA Swimming said that they would not be able to comment further while the matter is under investigation.

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Rick Curl and Noah Rucker are not guilty, everyone is innocent until proven guilty with physical evidence in a court of law. Stop convicting these two and anyone based on written and verbal complaints by an accuser. No person should be accused publicly anyway nor convicted by the accuser or their attys or the media. Realize that this person admitted to lying to her parents, to the courts, to the media, and is probably seeking money, fame, and malicious ruin of their coach. She never mentions her own fault in not saying if this happened and not voluntarily leaving the team and geographic area. She had many other pools closer to home to swim for so I think she and… Read more »
Taking another angle…I’m tired of the press accusing parents of being “overprotective”, “helicopter parents”. This is exactly why there is nothing wrong with being protective — to account for your kids’ time at all times. I wish it weren’t that way but it is, because stories like this are all too common. My HS swim coach, in fact, was known to have “hooked up” with one girl on the team and another HS girl (in the 80’s). I told my mom recently, and she was shocked. But my mom was never around….she was working all the time and I got rides home from practice late, and witnessed certain things in the pool office (by mistake). USA Swimming parents, it IS… Read more »
Lane 4 Imaging

So if this is true, and I have no reason to disbelieve her, where are Montgomery County’s finest? The investigation is being conducted by USA Swimming? Isn’t this a felony crime? When do the police become involved?

Very Concerned

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