Rebecca Soni Breaks Pierse’s World Record in 200 Breaststroke

by Davis Wuolle 2

August 01st, 2012 London 2012 Olympics, News

Rebecca Soni (USA), reigning Olympic Champion, took one more suited World Record off of the books. After years of touching on 2:20-high, Soni finally dipped under what was widely believed to be the most vulnerable world record after non-textile suits were banned in 2009. Soni posted a 2:20.00 in the second semi-final of the women’s 200m breaststroke. The previous record stood to Annamay Pierse (CAN) at 2:20.12 from the semi-finals of the event at the World Championships in Rome 2009. Pierse failed to qualify for the event at Canadian Olympic Trials, as training partners Martha McCabe (CAN) and Tera van Beilen (CAN) took the two Canadian spots. Pierse was, however, on deck to congratulate Soni as a researcher for Canadian broadcaster CTV.

Soni will enter the final over two full seconds ahead of her nearest competitor, Satomi Suzuki of Japan. Soni will look to be the first woman to crack 2:20 and pick up her first gold medal of the meet. Earlier in the meet, Soni took the silver in the 100m breaststroke to 15 year old Ruta Meilutyte of Lithuania.

Splits Compared:

Women’s 200m Breast 50m 100m (50m) 150m (50m) 200m (50m)
Annamay Pierse (Rome 2009) WR 32.03 1:07.28 (35.25) 1:43.42 (36.14) 2:20.12(36.70)
Rebecca Soni (London 2012) WR 32.39 1:07.82 (35.43) 1:43.83 (36.01) 2:20.00(36.17)

Full Results

Annamay Pierse’s World Record from Rome 2009:


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10 years ago

Dr. Evil Says:


cynthia curran
10 years ago

This is great several men and women have won events I think maybe 1992 was the last time that at least 3 or 4 women won events and at last 3 or 4 men won events. Its different than the one or two women or two or three men winning events which has been common.