RACE VIDEO: Watch Katie Ledecky shatter the world record in the 1500 free at Pan Pacs

Though it’s not the full 1500, race footage has surfaced of Katie Ledecky breaking the world record in the women’s mile. This video features the beginning and end of the race, plus some great underwater footage of the young distance phenom in action.

All other Pan Pacs race videos here.

From our 2014 Pan Pacific Championships Day 4 Finals recap:

Women’s 1500 free (first heat)

Meet record: 15:55.01, Kate Ziegler (USA)
American record: 15:34.23, Katie Ledecky
Australian record: 16:01.53, Melissa Gorman
Canadian record: 16:07.73 Brittany Reimer
Japanese record: 15:58.55 Ai Shibata
Australia All-comers record: 15:53.05 Kate Ziegler (USA)

With her fifth World Record of the summer, Katie Ledecky drops six second to improve her World Record to 15:28.36! To put that in perspective, the world record at this time last year was still 15:42, and she would have finished 18th at the US National Championships in the men’s 1500 meter freestyle.

The silver medal went to Lauren Boyle of New Zealand at 15:55.69. Brittany Maclean of Canada claimed the bronze with her time of 15:57.15. Cierra Runge finished fourth at 16:04.48.


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Roger von Oech
8 years ago

Coach David Marsh says: “She reminds me of Michael Phelps when he was 16, 17. I think she, like Michael at the time, is absorbing the coaching, absorbing the experience, yet with that really balanced perspective she has.”

Phelps was also a professional at that age. This wouldn’t be a bad time to turn pro for Katie. Make the money on the endorsements over the next two years — reaching a climax with the 2016 Olympics. Then she could go to Stanford and enjoy the college life. For the next two years, she could keep her current coach, and also have a singular focus on Rio.

I guess everyone’s got an opinion. 🙂

Great swims by the way!

Reply to  Roger von Oech
8 years ago

RVO, She’s a goals-driven young lady who keeps her goals to herself, but obviously she’s planning more and more lofty ones every year. It really depends on what she wants to accomplish and when she feels she has done that as to when she hangs up her goggles, be it before, during or after college. Maybe when she turns pro someday, she will make a video of how to swim Ledecky freestyle. She really rocks that stroke.

8 years ago
8 years ago

sportcenter picks 3 stars, 3 athletes that did something awesome over the weekend, and one of the news casters picked Katie ledecky as his star. It was awesome to see swimming on USA ESPN.

northern sue
8 years ago

Do you know if the Australian broadcast version is available? The Australian version of Katie’s 400m free victory is available, and I really liked the call on that one.

Roger von Oech
8 years ago

I very much liked the Canadian commentators — especially the color analyst. Anyone know his name? I think I heard him referred to as “Byron.”

NBC should hire him to replace Rowdy Gaines.

Reply to  Roger von Oech
8 years ago

I think the commentator is Byron McDonald, a former Michigan Wolverine and Canadian Olympic swimmer. He won the bronze medal in the 1972 Olympics in the 100 Butterfly. He also coaches at the University of Toronto.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Reply to  billy
8 years ago

No medal at Olympics. Won gold at 1970 Commonwealth Games in 100 fly.

Reply to  Roger von Oech
8 years ago

It’s Byron MacDonald. He has been the Canadian commentator for decades. He competed in the 1972 Olympics in the 100 fly for Canada. He indeed brings his passion for the sport of swimming to the TV screens of Canada (and Pacific NW where had been able to pick up the Canadian broadcast of Olympics etc.)

8 years ago

This young lady is one incredible athlete. Athletes like her show up about once every 25 years or so. The PED allegations are simply preposterous. She was kicking rear ends at 15 and will continue to do so. She would probably be pretty darn good at any sport she tried. Her start and turns are as good or better than anyone elses and her swimming ain’t bad either.

Give her credit and enough of the PED garbage, it’s sour grapes.

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