Poseidon Swimming and Burkwood Aquatic Club merging to form multi-location mega-club

Two major swim clubs in the state of Virginia will merge to form one new multi-site club, following the recent trend in the area.

Poseidon Swimming and Burkwood Aquatic Club will join forces at the beginning of August, with the Burkwood site in Mechanicsville, Virginia, becoming “Poseidon Swimming – Hanover.”

Swimmers from both programs will then compete together under the Poseidon banner. According to the team’s release, Poseidon has 300 swimmers and Burkwood 140, boosting the new Poseidon program upwards of 400 athletes.

Multi-site “super-clubs” are becoming more common in swimming, particularly in the Virginia area. In 2013, major Virginia clubs NOVA and VACS joined forces under the NOVA banner. Then, too, every club in Virginia is trying to catch up to Nation’s Capital Swim Club (NCAP), a huge, sprawling multi-site club that is one of the hottest in the nation currently. NCAP is best-known for being the homebase of world record-holding distance freestyler Katie Ledecky.


You can read the Poseidon release below, courtesy of Jessica Bauer:

Poseidon Swimming and Burkwood Aquatic Club Combine Forces in Landmark Merg

Richmond, VA-Two accomplished Virginia USA Swim teams are merging into one. On August 2, 2015, Burkwood Aquatic Club, Mechanicsville VA, will become Poseidon Swimming-Hanover, a satellite location, which spreads the reach and provides benefits to swimmers of both clubs. The combination of talent from Poseidon’s 300 swimmers and Burkwood Aquatic Club’s 140, and the shared 61 years of coaching experience between Head Coaches Ted Sallade of Poseidon and Craig Clift of Burkwood Aquatic Club is an impact that will be felt across Virginia Swimming and nationally.

“The combination of our clubs makes perfect sense as we believe in the same athlete development philosophies and club leadership style” said Sallade. “Our teams have shared excellent chemistry between athletes and coaches for a long time; we’re excited to get our swimmers together, extending fun friendships, enhancing opportunities and the excitement of future possibilities.”

Poseidon Swimming finished the short course season ranked 2nd in the Virginia LSC and 21st nationally; Burkwood Aquatic Club finished 11th in the LSC and 260th nationally. The merging of talent is sure to make an impact that will be a positive for all swimmers.

“The combination of our clubs gives us the ability to work together toward a common vision, and the ability to mold and direct individual accomplishments toward shared organizational objectives with our swimmers, coaches, and membership,” said Clift. “Utilizing two great teams /organizations which have successful histories both in Virginia and nationally will allow us to attain uncommon results through fun, friendships, and swimming. Coming together is just the beginning. Working together will bring success and excitement into our communities, and unify a strong team, where wonderful things can be achieved in and out of the water.”

Poseidon Swimming will continue to operate at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center in Chesterfield County, while Poseidon Swimming-Hanover’s swimmers will continue to train at their location in Mechanicsville, VA. However, the opportunities for shared training between the combining clubs will be greatly enhanced by providing BAC’s swimmers an opportunity to train in long course meters and inside during inclement weather, and Poseidon’s swimmers an opportunity to train in an outdoor setting as well.

“BAC and PSDN joining forces is an exciting time for both of our clubs. This will give all of our swimmers new and exciting opportunities in the swimming world. We look forward to working together in the community to become a team that strives for excellence among our swimmers, coaches and parents,” said Nikki Deal, President of Burkwood Aquatic Club.

“Poseidon is already planning a warm welcome for the Poseidon Swimming-Hanover swimmers,” said Jim Fanz, Poseidon Swimming’s President. “Poseidon is a family, and our family just got a little bit bigger. We are excited to welcome the coaches, swimmers and their families.”

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