POSEIDON: Rob Aquatics

If you love open water swimming, then you know Rob “Aquatics” Dumouchel. You know the photos, the mythically long beard, the crazy life-adventure he lives chasing the next big open water swim.

Rob’s a lifestyle open-water man with the soul of an artist. He takes the sport to new levels I’ve never seen and makes you want to dive in. He understands, first and foremost, you must stop, take in the scenery and be thankful you’re living in it, in the moment.

I met Rob back in 2009, a year after my first taste of open water competition, the RCP Tiburon Mile. Rob didn’t compete there, and he didn’t seem to care too much about winning or losing as a whole, though he did explain this to me:

“In open water, the fastest swimmer doesn’t always win. Often the smartest does.”

Rob’s got a unique perspective on the sport, one he invites you in to see, up-close and personal. Equipped with a GoPro, cap and goggles, I can’t think of anyone better to make this world come alive on the web.

Check Rob Aquatics out here, and on his blog, robaquatics.com, or on Twitter, @smsrob

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