Phelps Addresses DUI Arrest, Apologizes on Twitter Account

18-time Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps has made public comment for the first time since being arrested for DUI on Tuesday morning in Baltimore, Maryland.

On his personal Twitter account on Tuesday, Phelps Tweeted the following message in three parts:

“(1/3) Earlier this morning, I was arrested and charged with DUI, excessive speeding and crossing double lane lines.

(2/3) I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility.

(3/3) I know these words may not mean much right now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down.”

This confirms a TMZ report this morning that Phelps was arrested for allegeldy going 84 in a 45 while under the influence.

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6 years ago

he understands the severity of his actions….

that’s why this is his SECOND DUI…..

6 years ago

He may have some type of issue we don’t know about. Maybe it’s psychological? idk. But I do know he needs to get some type of help or maybe I don’t know…STOP MAKING DUMB*** DECISIONS!!! Grown men should act grown up and use their brains to think. He could of killed someone and himself. I have no sympathy for drunkard’s who continue to break the law. Phelps is almost 30 years old. Act like it.

Reply to  112
6 years ago

Don’t tell me that you’ve never made any dumb*** decisions in your life. While you are quick at pointing out
other’s shortcomings, are you aware of your own??? Based on your negative comments on Phelps in previous posts here on SwimSwam (a couple months ago), I think you have some psychological issues too. Get yourself treated first okay?! GBU. Oh, and think before you speak (write) dude – a simple thing that any mature person can do in the 21st century.

Reply to  112
6 years ago

“He could have killed someone” This is a popular phrase to us when in any comments section for this story (wherever you read it). It is true he COULD have killed someone. I think it is important to remember he DIDNT. It is a point that I think needs to be highlighted because things that COULD have happened are not things that DID happen. What he did was wrong (obvious) but I am 100% he did not actually murder anyone. I could have been a better swimmer if I practiced harder – everyone sees it is true – but I didn’t – so I wasn’t. Things that COULD have been are much different than things that actually DID. I am… Read more »

Reply to  swim1
6 years ago

Very GOOD POINT SWIM 1 ! 112 has still an issue with anger / whatever happened to him in regard with an accident including a drunk driver ! Keeping anger and ressentment has never liberated anyone on this planet ( just look at the mid east catastrophy / anger , revenge , …) So pointing out that he has not killed or injured anyone yet it great ! any one has to learn from distorted behavior leading to often terrible consequences but in the same time , everything can be forgiven . 112 , u still got a lot to learn on that level on emotional managment . Sorry to say so , but u gave your re-actions a lot… Read more »

6 years ago

sorry man. I just know people have either been killed by drunk drivers and have killed themselves while drunk driving. Sensitive subject. Sorry I’ll watch the language.

Reply to  112
6 years ago

cool down ! nobody got killed ! ok now ?

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