Perfect Freestyle Catch with the Agility Paddles

Courtesy of FINIS, a SwimSwam Partner. Featured Swimming Photo: Anthony Ervin, Olympic Champion.

The Agility Paddles have been a huge success since FINIS first released the product. The paddle is simplicity in its most elegant form and is truly special, not for what is has, but for what it chooses to go without. No longer do you run the risk of wearing through the elastic bands on your hand paddles — this paddle doesn’t have any. Furthermore, rather than damaging your shoulder using poor technique, the Agility Paddle demands you swim correctly and efficiently. Any irregularities in the entry or catch will result in the paddle falling off of the swimmer’s hand, which forces you to remain focused and disciplined while you are swimming. The versatility of the paddle is unmatched in that it is a great technical tool and can also be used to increase muscular endurance without sacrificing proper technique.

The Agility Paddle is available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes!

Try completing the following sets using your strapless Agility Paddles!

16 x 25’s
1) One-arm freestyle, breathing to opposite side (Right arm)
2) One-arm freestyle, breathing to opposite side (Left arm)
3) Freestyle swim, Build from 60 up to 85% effort
4) Freestyle drill, easy, catch-up or U-drill
Repeat the previous 4 x 25’s, 4 times through

8 x 75’s; Aerobic drilling
by 25yds:
1) Sculling, applying even pressure throughout a figure-8 hand motion
2) Freestyle drill, easy, catch-up or U-drill
3) Freestyle drill, hard, overkick freestyle (slow arms & large 6-beat kick)

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9 years ago

I’m with Jim, What’s ‘U Drill?’

9 years ago

What’s a U drill