Paralympics Day 6 Prelims Recap

by Kyra Florea 8

September 13th, 2016 News, Paralympic & IPC Swimming


  • Wednesday, September 7 – Sunday, September 18, 2016
  • Swimming: Thursday, September 8 – Saturday, September 17, 2016
  • Olympic Aquatics Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Prelims 9:30 AM / Finals 5:30 PM (local time)
  • IPC World Records
  • Live stream links: NBC / IPC
  • Schedule/Results

Paralympics Day 6 Prelims Recap

Men’s S6 400M Freestyle

Thijs Van Hofweegen of the Netherlands will be seeded first going into finals tonight with a time of 5:11.79. Following him are Francesco Bocciardo of Italy with a time of 5:18.61 and China’s Jinbiao Luo with a time of 5:20.77.

Women’s S6 400M Freestyle

World record holder Yelyzaveta Mereshko finished first in prelims with a time of 5:25.27. Great Britain will have two athletes competing in this final. Eleanor Simmons and Ellie Robinson will swim in finals with times of 5:37.75 and 5:41.04, respectively.

Men’s SM7 200M IM

Colombia’s Carlos Serrano Zarate will lead the way into this final with a time of 2:40.58. The USA’s Rudy Garcia-Tolson will be seeded second with a time of 2:43.26. Current world record holder Ievgenii Bogodaiko will also compete in the final heat with a qualifying time of 2:44.89.

Women’s SM7 200M IM

Cortney Jordan of the United States will be competing as the third seed going into this final with a time of 3:08.84. Canada will send two swimmers to this final. Tess Routliffe is the second seed with a time of 3:04.87. Her teammate, Sarah Mehain finished fifth in prelims with a time of 3:14.82.

Men’s S10 100M Freestyle

Ukraine will take the top two seeds going into finals. Maksym Krypak and Denys Dubrov qualified first and second with times of 51.52 and 51.76, respectively. Their teammate Dmytro Vanzenko will also be competing in finals. Brazil will send two swimmers to this final. Pelipe Rodrigues finished third in prelims with a time of 51.96. Teammate and current world record holder Andre Brasil also qualified for finals.

Women’s S10 100M Freestyle

Canada’s Aurelie Rivard set a new Paralympic Record with a time of 59.89. Rivard will be seeded first for tonight’s finals. Following her are New Zealand’s Sophie Pascoe with a time of 1:01.54 and France’s Elodie Lorandi with a time of 1:02.24.

Men’s SB11 100M Breaststroke

Ukraine’s Oleksandr Mashchenko finished first in prelims with a time of 1:13.75. USA’s Tharon Drake also qualified for finals with a time of 1:15.58.

Men’s SB12 100M Breaststroke

Paralympic record holder Uladzimir Izotau of Belarus finished first in prelims with a time of 1:07.52. Following him in finals will be Azerbaijan’s Dzmitry Salei with a time of 1:08.68 and Kazakhstan’s Anuar Akhmetov with a time of 1:09.35.

Men’s S8 100M Backstroke

USA’s Robert Griswold qualified for the first seed in finals and set a Paralympic record with a time of 1:05.33. Ukraine will send two athletes to finals. Both Iurii Bozhynskyi and Bohdan Hrynenko will swim in finals

Women’s S8 100M Backstroke

World record holder Stephanie Millward of Great Britain set a new Paralympic record with a time of 1:13.75. Following her into finals are two USA athletes. Jessica Long qualified with a time of 1:18.92 and her teammate Elizabeth Marks qualified with a time of 1:19.97.

Men’s S9 50M Freestyle

Great Britain’s Mathew Wiley finished first in prelims with a time of 25.99. Following him into finals tonight are Australia’s Timothy Disken with a time of 26.08 and Spain’s Jose Antonio Mari Alcaraz with a time of 26.15.

Women’s S9 50M Freestyle

USA’s Michelle Konkoly set a new Paralympic record with her time of 28.36. Konkoly currently holds the world record in this event. Australia will have three athletes swimming in this final tonight. Ellie Cole, Emily Beecroft, and Ashleigh McConnell will all be competing.

Men’s S3 50M Freestyle

China will send three swimmers to finals in this event. Wenpan Huang qualified for the top seed with a time of 40.51 setting both Paralympic and World records. Teammates Jainping Du and Hanhua Li both qualified for finals with times of 46.95 and 50.55, respectively.

Men’s S4 200M Freestyle

Korea’s Seong Jo Gi qualified for the top seed with a time of 3:03.64. Following him into finals are Slovakia’s Darko Durik with a time of 3:05.03 and the Netherland’s Michael Schoenmaker with a time of 3:05.13.


Tonight’s swimming finals will begin at 4:30 Eastern Time.


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Dubrov and Krypak qualify first and second! NOOOOOOOOO WAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!


Makes u wonder about the other swimmers from Ukraine


And what about a Chinese S3 Swimmer being faster than a Brazilian S5 Swimmer and also this Chinese swimmer who never went into any international competition before splits a 50 time that is 6 second FASTER than the WR for S3..




Count the number of very dubiously classified swimmers in the Women’s S8 back final…


The women’s S8 class is s shocker and the men’s S10 is no better. Millward way out in front in 100 back, followed by Elliott – twice classed S9 in 2015 and Patterson whom the IPC have substantive evidence that she cheated during her classification. If the IPC refuse to clean up, then I don’t see what anyone can do. It’s all becoming very tiresome. Sad for the genuine athletes.


The only light relief provided by Lakeisha sacrificing a medal to put her “palsied” left arm on display.


What’s the evidence of Lakeisha cheating? If you aren’t the IPC you can’t say they have evidence because you’re not them. Not saying you’re wrong, cheating is obviously against the Paralympic Movement but how do you know she’s a cheat?

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