Paltrinieri Rocks 14:33.10 European Record in 1500 Free At Sette Colli


The 2020 Sette Colli Trophy ended with a bang, as Italian Olympic champion Gregorio Paltrinieri busted out the fastest performance of his career in the 1500m freestyle. In the process, he’s backed up his assertions that, in spite of changing coaches in an effort to continue to pursue open water, he’s still fully committed to the 1500 free in the pool.

Paltrinieri is the reigning Olympic gold medalist in this event from the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, having put up a monster 14:34.57 for gold 4 years ago. His swim from the European Championships earlier that year, done in 14:34.04, previously stood as the continental mark in the event.

Tonight in Rome, however, the 25-year-old found a new gear to reach a time of 14:33.10 to not only claim the gold, but overtake his own previous PB, Italian Record, and European Record.

Paltrinieri’s time would have taken gold at last year’s World Championships ahead of winner Florian Wellbrock’s (GER) 14:36.54. Paltrinieri was 3rd in that Gwangju race, capturing bronze in 14:38.75.

All-Time Top 10 Performers, Men’s 1500m Freestyle

  1. Sun Yang, China – 14:31.02
  2. Gregorio Paltrinieri, Italy – 14:33.10
  3. Grant Hackett, Australia – 14:34.56
  4. Florian Wellbrock, Germany – 14:36.15
  5. Mykhailo Romanchuk, Ukraine – 14:36.88
  6. Ous Mellouli, Tunisia – 14:37.28
  7. Connor Jaeger, USA – 14:39.48
  8. Mack Horton, Australia – 14:39.54
  9. Ryan Cochrane, Canada – 14:39.63
  10. Gabriele Detti, Italy – 14:40.86

The entire breakdown of Paltrinieri’s performance, the 2nd best performance in history only behind Chinese swimmer Sun Yang’s WR of 14:31.02, is seen below.


As originally reported:


Sette Colli Record – Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA), 14:49.06 2017
Italian Record – Gregorio Paltrinieri, 14:34.04 2016

  • GOLD – Gregorio Paltrinieri (ITA) 14:33.10
  • SILVER – Domenico Acerenza (ITA) 14:49.98
  • BRONZE – Marc-Antoine Olivier (FRA) 15:06.29

Busting out the fastest 1500m free time of his career, Olympic champion Gregorio Paltrinieri sizzled with a time of 14:33.10 to take the gold in the final event here at Sette Colli.

Paltrinieri held the Italian national record with the 14:34.04 that he swam at the 2016 European Championships before winning Olympic gold a few months later. His former best time was also the European record in the event.

Flash forward to tonight and the unstoppable 25-year-old blasted the 2nd fastest performance all-time. Only Chinese Olympic champion Sun Yang’s World Record of 14:31.02 from the 2012 Olympic Games has been faster.

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10 months ago

Wooooooooo! What a swim. Record watch next summer

Reply to  Ragnar
10 months ago

Do I dear to make a prediction?
Wonder if there will be 2 guys under 14:30 separated by less than 1 second and 14:35 will not be enough for a medal?

tea rex
Reply to  Ragnar
10 months ago

Incredibly consistent splits – it’s like he could hold 29.2 all day…

10 months ago

In my book this is the new WR, and I think everyone knows why…

What a swim!

I wonder what form Romanchuk and Wellbrock are in, it’s a shame we didn’t get the chance to see that rematch. I feel like that 3 way rivalry may deliver the first sub 14:30 in history. Hopefully we’ll get to see them go head to head next year.

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  IM FAN
10 months ago

Trimetazidine was legal in 2012 though 😉

Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
10 months ago

Yeah, let’s not forget that the great Caeleb Dressel has 8 TUEs or whatever Fancy Bear found in their hack. I don’t see why Caeleb Dressel taking 8 banned substances legally that are banned today is any better than Sun Yang taking 1 legally in 2012 that wasn’t banned yet.

All of the swimmers are taking banned substances legally. So, let’s not split hairs here ;-).

Reply to  swimapologist
10 months ago

Wtf are you talking about

Reply to  Confused
10 months ago

I think this is a reference to when the Russian outfit known as Fancy Bear (which some security experts believe is associated with Russia’s military intelligence agency) hacked the WADA database in 2016 when WADA/the IOC were in the process of trying to block all Russian athletes from the Olympics.

In the process, they leaked the TUE records of many athletes, especially Americans, to try and make the point that “everyone is doping, the USA is just abusing the TUE system to do so.”

Not many details about specifics were widely reported, largely because media outlets had trouble verifying the authenticity of the database, and further because of the ethics around leaking details of a hack that would include sensitive… Read more »

Reply to  swimapologist
10 months ago


Reply to  swimapologist
10 months ago

Where was Dressel ever named in the Fancy Bear leaks? You’re claiming he had/has 8 TUEs?

(BTW Fancy Bear is a Russian, almost certainly state funded, hacker group that was salty about Russia being caught red handed with a state sponsored doping program, so they tried to slander a bunch of western athletes. Also the group is also behind the DNC being hacked in 2016 as part of Russia’s interference in the US Election, not exactly trustworthy)

Corn Pop
Reply to  IM FAN
10 months ago

“Bosski , I’m on the DNC page what sophisticated hacking route should I take? ”

“‘ Oh just try ‘ Password'” ………Uraaaaah.

The unoriginal Tim
Reply to  swimapologist
10 months ago

Shades of grey I suppose. Many athletes will legitimately need medication for illness and injuries or long term conditions. They have to be allowed TUEs for this.

There is a difference between a TUE for ADHD or colitis treatments and a TUE for a powerful angina treatment that if clinically needed would preclude olympic level athletic performances in the first place.

The cyclist Bradley Wiggins had a TUE for triamcinolone which promotes weight loss while increasing stength and power/weight ratio. Very useful for a cyclist who previously excelled on time trials but struggled to get up mountains. This medicine is normally only given to people who are seriously ill. Yet he only needed it the few days before his feature… Read more »

Reply to  swimapologist
10 months ago

Finally someone talking about TUE abuse!! Ever wondered how the best swimmers in the world all need inhalers…

Corn Pop
Reply to  Olympian
10 months ago

I don’t want ppl dropping dead because no one knows they have asthma . It is not a secret out there in the world . Severe asthmatics , extreme / sudden allergies e.g. to beestings etc , diabetics , epileptics mostly carry info including wrist brands, necklaces that identify condition & immediate treatment .

Why is it because they are athletes it is somehow secret ? If someone is ADHD & is having a freak out would it n o t be helpful for ppl to know , ditto anxiety , depression . t was only Fancy Bears leak that allowed Simone Biles to explain the Ritalin . Once that was out , later the other 2. & Nasser… Read more »

Corn Pop
Reply to  The unoriginal Tim
10 months ago

The British are,admitting they used compounds in 2012 esp one developed by US Special Forces for soldiers to operate longer out on missions. A modified version was available commercially only in 2018. They had Oxford backers but of course Ketone zealots are also found in academia . Everybody is looking for the holy grail of endurance .

10 months ago

Omg! Wait until he shaves!!

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