OSU Synchro Wins Big in Virginia, Arizona Up Next

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February 10th, 2020 College, Synchronized Swimming

Courtesy: OSU Athletics

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Buckeyes had a successful first weekend on the road, traveling to Virginia to compete against Richmond and William & Mary synchronized swimming. The annual trip was a little bit different this year, as most of the Scarlet team joined for the dual-meet weekend. The two squads, led by associate head coach Suzanna Hyatt, packed to make the bus trek to Virginia. They dominated their first travel weekend, winning every category, and remain undefeated on the season.

The team also participated in a figure competition at William & Mary. Daria Torba (78.4135), Paige Hopper (78.0385) and Camryn Carrasco (77.8205) took the top-3 spots in A Figures and Rose Homoelle (74.2822), Haley Watson (73.4251) and Trinity Patton (72.7144) topped the B Figures.The foursome of Laila Huric, Nikki Dzurko, Cassie Neeley and Rachel Jager, accompanied by head coach Holly Vargo-Brown, were also supposed to split with the team to travel to the sunshine state. Unfortunately, a flight cancellation led to extra practice time in Columbus instead of a competition at the University of Florida.UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND (88-38)SOLO

  1. Camryn Carrasco – 79.1333
  2. Olivia Schafer – 78.8333
  3. Valerie Sato (University of Richmond) – 54.8333


  1. Phoebe Coffin and Rose Homoelle – 79.1667
  2. Paige Hopper and Louisa Strutynski – 77.8333
  3. Kaitlyn Carboun and Sarah Walsh – 77.2333


  1. Victoria Carlson, Erin Fanning & Mackenzie Finn – 74.3
  2. Radia El Hallam, Valerie Sato & Adelaide Tracey (University of Richmond) – 53.9333


  1. The Ohio State University, Gray
  2. University of Richmond


  1. Camryn Carrasco – 79.333
  2. Olivia Schafer – 77.4667
  3. Chichi Ugochukwu (William & Mary) – 54.9


  1. Phoebe Coffin and Rose Homoelle – 78.3
  2. Paula Luis and Haley Watson – 76.8333
  3. Paige Hopper and Louisa Strutynski – 75.8


  1. Victoria Carlson, Erin Fanning & Mackenzie Finn – 73.6
  2. Kyra Coleman, Erin Cronce & Chichi Ugochukwu (William & Mary) – 56.9333


  1. The Ohio State University, Gray – 81.3667

UP NEXT: The Buckeyes will travel to the University of Arizona to compete on Feb. 14.

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