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October 16th, 2017 News

courtesy of  THEMAGIC5, a SwimSwam partner

Irritation, discomfort and water leakage.

Swimmers across the world don’t hold back with negative comments, when asked what they think of their current goggles.

While some amateur swimmers may stop swimming because of numerous problems with goggles, professional swimmers have gotten used to it and see it as a part of the sport. But for top swimmers every minor improvement in training can mean the difference between failure and triumph.

For the Danish goggle company THEMAGIC5, swimming goggles is the most essential and vital part of swimming to achieve 100 percent satisfaction in training and competition. Therefore, the company is now ready to introduce the world of swimming to custom fitted goggles, the first of its kind, taking swim gear into a new era.

“Since I started using THEMAGIC5’s swimming goggle I have not felt the urge to adjust my swimming goggle all the time. When you swim as much as I do, the irritation you get from your swimming goggles can seem as part of the game. I am happy that this problem has finally been fixed so I can focus my attention on the joy of swimming,” says Marina Heller Hansen, member of the Danish national team and 23rd in 400free at the 2017 FINA World Championships.

The company has developed a new groundbreaking technology that can 3D outline your face directly through your smartphone on THEMAGIC5′s app. Based on the 3D animation, your swimming goggles are custom fitted to perfectly match the shape of your face. THEMAGIC5-goggles prevent discomfort and water leakage, which enables swimmers on all levels to optimize their training.

You might know this feeling, when you have a better experience at practice because you opened and wore a new pair of goggles for the first time. Because you are better able to see, you get a feeling for what is going on around you. The improved visibility from THEMAGIC5’s goggles makes you more alert and allows you to focus on the details of your stroke.

“Irritation from swimming goggles is a thing of the past. This product will help all athletes – whether you are just starting out with swimming or triathlon or if your goal is the next Olympics – you have to spend your time worrying about your technique, not your goggles,” says Bo Jacobsen, world-class coach and founder of Bo Jacobsen Coaching.

With the slogan “One size shall fit only one”, THEMAGIC5 wants to challenge the status quo for swimming goggles. The company has invented new technologies and re-thought the design and production process of the product – “all of this to ensure the best swimming experience for you,” says CO-founder Rasmus Barfred.

“We want to solve the problems most swimmers have with their goggles experiencing water leakage and discomfort. For swimmers who spend so many hours in the pool or in open water each week, that’s not satisfying,” he says.

But while some pro swimmers already have the joy of using THEMAGIC5’s goggles, the rest of us have to wait a little bit. The product is currently being crowdfunded via Kickstarter.com through October 31, 2017, where the company’s hope is to raise $50,000 in capital to fund the purchase of robots to support their production line. The retail price starts at USD 99, but you will get up to 60% off during the Kickstarter campaign.

THEMAGIC5’s goggles have for the last four months been successfully tested by Danish Olympic swimmers and more than 50 swimmers across all levels. One of them is the Danish national team member and recent World Championship Swimmer Daniel Skaaning.

“The first time I used THEMAGIC5’s goggles I could not feel that I was wearing goggles, which was a surreal experience. I could feel immediately that the goggles were made for me, and that I didn’t have to strap them in as hard as I normally do,” he says.

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