Open Water Nationals Sees Little Change in SwimSquads Standings

In a new wrinkle for the 2019 edition of USA Swimming’s SwimSquads competition, where 4 American swimming greats of the past have drafted teams that are pit against each other in a ‘fantasy swimming’ type of competition, this year the Open Water National Championships are involved in the scoring.

While everyone seems to have forgotten about this (there’s no mention of roster selections or scoring, and USA Swimming’s official SwimSquads standings have not been updated with any mention of the event).

The good news: we’ve got you covered. Because only 2 races count toward the standings (the men’s and women’s 10km swims), and because no team had more than 3 male or 3 female swimmers entered, we’re going to make a leap that everyone remembered to enter a team (or will retroactively be allowed to do so), and entered “all of their eligible swimmers.”

With not many points to be scored, the results didn’t cause any change in the team standings. Elizabeth Beisel’s team, however, did fall further behind the field (though she’s still within striking distances of Maya Dirado’s DiradSquad), and Cammile Adams’ Adams Family team maintained its sizable lead on the field.

There are still 2 events left in the season, with points up for grabs at both the Pro Swim Series stops in Bloomington next weekend and Clovis, California to finish the circuit. The winning squad will donate $10,000 to its designated charity.

Scoring Update

An athlete must make the top 8 to score points:

  • 1st: 10
  • 2nd: 8
  • 3rd: 7
  • 4th: 5
  • 5th: 4
  • 6th: 3
  • 7th: 2
  • 8th: 1

Running Totals

Adams Family 280 12 101 93 74
Jaeg-Train 243 13 88 60 82
DiRadSquad 224.5 15 91 36 82.5
Beisel Bunch 212 7 71 74 60

Here’s a look at the team-by-team scoring:

Beisel Bunch

Beisel Bunch 7 points
Zane Grothe DNF – 0 points
Haley Anderson 3rd – 7 points


DiradSquad 15 points
Michael Brinegar 5th – 4 points
Ashley Twichell 2nd – 8 points
Hannah Moore DQ – 0 points
Brennan Gravley 6th – 3 points


Jaeg-Train 13 points
David Heron 4th – 5 points
Jordan Wilimovsky 2nd – 8 points
Chase Travis 9th – 0 points

Adams Family

Adams Family 12 points
Erica Sullivan 4th – 5 points
Mariah Denigan 7th – 2 points
Katy Campbell 5th – 4 points
Brendan Casey 8th – 1 point

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