Olympic Champion, Florida Coach Anthony Nesty – Documentary Film

Do you have (or, swammers, did you have) that one competitor that keeps the fire burning?  For me, it was the University of Florida‘s Anthony Nesty.  When you retire, you’re surprised by how much you appreciated them, even loved them in a way.  Anthony, for me, gave swim practice purpose. Enduring repeat fly sets on an 18,000 yard day somehow became bearable, a body-numbing ritual fueled by endless head-games–always imagining him in the next lane. We went to opposing SEC schools, but Anthony was my training partner, the best training partner, and I’m so grateful for him.

If you don’t know University of Florida Associate Head Coach Anthony Nesty‘s story as an athlete, please take a few minutes to watch this great short-form documentary film.   Anthony was (and is) a swim star, an Olympic icon, and adorned by his home country of Surinam.

Details via youtube: Documentary on University of Florida Associate Head Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist Anthony NestyFilmed, edited, produced by: Blake Manganiello & Chloe Pappas. Featuring: Anthony NestyBrandon Garner and the University of Florida Swim Team. Music by Sophonic Media http://instrumentalsfree.com

Watch Anthony Nesty‘s entire 1988 Olympic 100 butterfly win against the great Matt Biondi

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Madia de Meza
7 years ago


H20 Bruin
7 years ago

That was an awesome race. I remembered it like it was yesterday.

7 years ago

All this talk about coaching and don’t even mention the coach that got you to the gold. Come on man.

Charles Todd
7 years ago

I have to give kudos to Blake Manganiello for taking on this project. Great job for a Great athlete!

Mike Renshaw
7 years ago

The reason I knew where Suriname was as a 10 year old. Congrats Coach Nesty

7 years ago

Another thing from the NBC coverage was Dara Torres hugging Nesty after the race. Puts a visual time stamp on just how insane her longevity in the sport at the Olympic level was.

Helen Thielmann
7 years ago

Not only a great swimmer but a fantastic caring coach and a wonderful person.

Steve Hulford
7 years ago

What a race I remember it well. Brutal coverage by NBC. The entire shot at the end is on Biondi all we get is a far shot of Nesty already out of the pool. Epic fail.

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