Ohio State Swim Club Girls Nab 11-12 NAG in 400 Medley Relay

Already the owners of both long course 10&Under relay National Age Group (NAG) records, the Ohio State Swim Club quartet of Ava Lachey, Martina Peroni, Hannah Routh and Riley Huddleston broke the 11-12 400 meter medley relay NAG Friday night in Ohio.

The record fell at the Ohio Long Course Junior Olympics in Oxford, Ohio. Lachey, Peroni, Routh and Huddleston went 4:27.99 in the relay to absolutely obliterate the previous NAG record of 4:34.46. That mark was set by the Westchester Aquatic Club less than a month ago.

This record has been an interesting one: the Ohio State Swim Club’s performance marks the third time in two years the record has fallen after it stood for 19 years previously.

Here’s a splits comparison between the three recent NAG record-setters:

Ohio State Swim Club 2016 Westchester 2016 Academy Bullets 2014
Ava Lachey 1:06.98 Joy Jiang 1:04.90 Michaela Herwig 1:09.37
Martina Peroni 1:16.22 Esther Lin 1:19.05 Kelly Sego 1:17.24
Hannah Routh 1:05.38 Yilinna Collmar 1:08.43 Lindsey Merk 1:06.92
Riley Huddleston 59.41 Kristin Cornish 1:02.08 Lauren Payton 1:02.44
4:27.99 4:34.46 4:35.97

The Ohio State Swim Club girls crushed the two old record-setters by about three seconds apiece over the final three legs.

All four girls are now 12 years old. The same foursome owns the 10&Under records in both the 200 meter free and 200 meter medley relays.

The other long course relays all belong to the Lake Oswego Swim Club from 2008, making them the oldest long course relay NAGs left on the books. The only older record is the short course 400 yard free relay for girls, which has stood since 2007.

Full results of the Ohio Junior Olympic meet are available on Meet Mobile.

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Other person
5 years ago

Dynamo women broke 4×200 nag today in Atlanta 13-14, T.Ullet led of 2:03.80 I believe, just thought I’d pass that along

Stay Human
5 years ago

6 1/2 seconds under a record that stood for 19 yrs up till 2 yrs ago– that’s incredible!!! These girls are really eating their Wheaties. Must be some great coaching there too.

5 years ago

I give Ulett 2 years and she’ll be one of the top swimmers in the world. She’s very versatile and improving FAST. You heard it hear first.

Reply to  Hswimmer
5 years ago

She went 1:00.5 in 100 fly also last night.

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