Noah Lense Added To USA Swimming’s National Junior Team

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September 14th, 2016 Club, News

Tampa Bay Aquatics’ Noah Lense has been added to the USA Swimming National Junior Team roster after he was mistakenly missing from the original version.

Lense is the second member of the team in the boys 100 meter fly after going 53.16 at the Junior Pan Pacific Championships last month. He was originally absent from the roster, which featured Maxime Rooney in his place. Rooney was 53.25 at U.S. Open.

With the change in national junior team selection this year, only the top two in most Olympic events made the team, with only a handful of extra swimmers making the cut through high world rankings. That means Lense bumped Rooney out of the second and final 100 fly spot.

Luckily, Rooney is already a member of the National Junior Team in the 100 and 200 frees, so no spots on the team were officially announced, then revoked. The National Junior Team roster now grows to 66 after being originally announced at 65.

You can read more about the selection procedures for the National Junior Team here. The full team roster (updated to include Lense) is below, courtesy of USA Swimming:

Boys roster:


Girls roster:


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