Newly-Formed Team Efimova Has Eyes On Australia

Russian swimming star Yulia Efimova announced last November the creation of a new professional swimming squad called ‘Team Efimova.’  The team would initially be coached by her father, Andrey Efimov, with fellow Russian Nikita Lobinstev as a fellow team member. Three months after inception, the newly-formed squad is on the move, having arrived in Bali for a weeks-long training camp before heading to Australia.

In its trip down under, Team Efimova reportedly has two tasks on its agenda. The first is to compete at the NSW State Championships set to be held March 3rd – 5th. The second purpose of the trip is to scout out a potential Australian coaching candidate to take the reins of the outfit. According to state-run news agency TASS, Efimova, will “talk to a number of experts on the subject of cooperation.”

Swimming Australia recently announced that its Podium Centre Program will be reduced from 14 to now 9 High Performance Centers, potentially opening up a few more possibilities for Efimova. Athletes having served doping suspensions are prevented from training at the High Performance Centers, so with the reduction, 4 more potential training locations have now opened up to Team Efimova. Doping-plagued athletes are not outright barred from training within the borders of Australia, as evidenced by Chinese World Champion Ning Zetao and 2008 Olympic gold medalist Park Tae Hwan both having trained down under after having been found guilty of doping offenses in their careers.

TASS indicates that Team Efimova will not move forward until after the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. To make it to that point, the athletes will first compete at the Russian Championships in mid-April.

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Swimmer A
3 years ago

Team Efimova…… alright..

swim mom
Reply to  Swimmer A
3 years ago

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3 years ago

Our Lady will be the sweetheart of Australia and mother Russia as she trains for double gold in 2020.

Reply to  GOYULIA
3 years ago

Sure, 28 years old is the right age to strive. Has the mentioned above mother become so decrepit not being able to give birth to someone younger, fresher and what’s is more important – cleaner?

Reply to  Prickle
3 years ago

Sometimes there are no more to be found eg USA has not found tennis ladies / girls/ people to replace the Williams .

I might pop in & check out Yuloshka’s style . Ive already kicked a few kms for my butt , done a ballet lesson for legs just since I read she was coming .I plan on a sabbath fast to drop some kgs . i ve got 4 weeks .

Reply to  G.I.N.A
3 years ago

What’s wrong with staying in Russia where she can do whatever she wants, can eat whatever she wants – she is protected, awarded, paid, loved. What is pushing her South: California, Australia? I think she likes English speaking environment. Her Russian is heavily polluted with American accent. Or maybe she is sport promoter and wants to dedicate her life to motivate people like you to be stronger, slimmer, faster. Mystery. Let’s know please what you achieved in 4 weeks.

Reply to  Prickle
3 years ago

Recently I was in NZ wandering around a graveyard getting a feel for some local history . I came across a grave for some poor goody goody soul who left nice little NZ to go ‘ help’ with some NGO in Chechnya . Dead as a doornail – for nothing . Yuliya is living proof that there is life after an all out muslim vs state war .I am fan of all who survived .We should learn because it could easily be our future .That she is a swimmer , an excellent breastroker , extremely physically attractive is just the icing on the cake . In th e choice of life between the dead interferer & globe trotti g swimmer… Read more »

3 years ago

I’m wagging my fingers at this!

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Retta Race

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