Team Efimova Moves Ahead As Russian Joins ‘Sport And Law’ Organization

Russian swimming star Yulia Efimova has announced the creation of a new professional swimming team called ‘Team Efimova’ is one step closer to coming to fruition. According to a social media post, a certificate of registration was granted by the Ministry of Justice in order for the squad to establish contracts with partners and sponsors.


Efimova announced last month that ‘Team Efimova’ would be coached by her father, Andrey Efimov. Fellow Russian Nikita Lobintsev, one of the Russian swimmers who was a part of the “disappearing positives” program run by Russian doping authorities that turned positive tests into negative (clean) tests, was also named as joining the team in her original announcement.

Efimova was a longtime member of Dave Salo’s Trojan Swim Club based in Los Angeles until March of this year when it was confirmed she was no longer training with the squad.

The contract wasn’t the only update given by Efimova via social media this month. She also disclosed that a group of Russian athletes and coaches have untied in a organization called ‘Sport and Law.’ According to the post, ‘the main direction of the group’s activity is the complete protection of rights and interests of all participants of sport community, particularly the results of the McLaren Report.’

A press conference led by Olympians throughout Russian sport, including Efimova, along with skiing champion Aleksandr Legkov and European Weightlifting champion Aleksey Lovchev is set to be held this week. Additional details concerning the mission and intended actions of the group will be published when known.




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4 years ago

Yuliya was just touched out by the stunning Aliya Mustafina in BestofRioGirls section .. Aliya’s gold just got her over the edge .Different looks entirely but I’m for diversity in beauty .#dontbejealousgirls.

Reply to  G.I.N.A
4 years ago

They all kinda look East German to me…

Reply to  cpswims
4 years ago

Id like to look like Franseska Almsick or Katerina Witt. Either would be fein nein?

Reply to  G.I.N.A
4 years ago

wonder what the Princeton team would write about these ladies??

Wanna new drug! One that won\'t test me bad...
4 years ago

Big concerns right. Iw should be the latest drug they were all just told by the RU federation to stop taking as it is going to be banned Jan 1. This is not going to stop until the house is CLEANed. This newly formed group is lipstick on a pig. Really, a weightlifter?! Dirtiest in the Olympic program. These people are complete idiots.

4 years ago

A magnificent achievement for our lady.

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