The Netherlands and Russia Announce European Junior Teams

With the European Junior Championships running from July 6th-10th in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary both the Dutch and Russian teams have been revealed.

The Dutch team will be comprised of 12 women and four men who are currently at a training camp in Debrecen, Hungary preparing for the competition.

The team includes:

  1. Laura van Engelen
  2. Niamh Hofland
  3. LouLou Janssen
  4. Indy Jongman
  5. Ya’elle Lücht
  6. Rosey Metz
  7. Tes Schouten
  8. Claire Verkijk
  9. Marieke Tienstra
  10. Loulou Vos
  11. Josien Wijkhuijs
  12. Frederique Janssen
  13. Tom Donker
  14. Wietse Waninge
  15. Nyls Korstanje
  16. Frank Roovers

Russia will be send a significantly larger team consisting of 28 swimmers in total.

The team includes:

  1. Vekovischev Michael (Kaluga region)
  2. Gal’chenko Eugene (Novgorod Region)
  3. Girёv Ivan (Moscow region)
  4. Arkady Grigoriev (Moscow)
  5. Zhiharev Peter (Moscow)
  6. Alexander Zotov (Volgograd region)
  7. Clement Kolesnikov (Moscow)
  8. Kuimov Egor (Republic of Tatarstan)
  9. Roman Larin (Penza region)
  10.  Mordashev Kirill (Penza region)
  11. Mukhametzyanov Emil (Republic of Tatarstan)
  12. Dmitry Popov (Moscow)
  13. Rtishchev Alexey (Moscow)
  14. Sukhoruchenko Vitali (Moscow)
  15. Nikita Tretyakov (Udmurtia)
  16. Shakhanov Simon (Moscow)
  17. Sevlakovs Roman (Saint-Petersburg)
  18. Violent Basilissa (Nizhny Novgorod region)
  19. Dryamina Margarita (Udmurtia)
  20. Polina Egorova (Republic of Bashkortostan)
  21. Kamenev Maria (Orenburg region)
  22. Kirpichnikova Anastasia (Sverdlovsk region)
  23. Krivonogova Irina (Samara region)
  24. Logvinova Oksana (Moscow region)
  25. Milutinovic Catarina (Moscow)
  26. Mozhina Natalia (Irkutsk region)
  27. Daria Tokarev (Volgograd region)
  28. Chernyatin Olesya (Samara region)

At the 2014 European Junior Championships the Russians finished atop of the medal standings with 19 gold, eight silver and nine bronze while the Netherlands finished 10th with one gold and two bronze.

Find more detailed information on the competition here.

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What were the standards by which they were chosen?

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