Cammile Adams’ Disqualification in 200 Fly Prelims Overturned


SwimSwam’s Caley Oquist just watched the meet officials review, and subsequently overturn, Cammile Adams‘ disqualification in the prelims of the women’s 200 fly.

After originally calling her for pushing off the back, after a further video review, the disqualification was overturned by decision of the meet referee.

That makes Adams the top seed heading into Wednesday evening’s semi-finals with a 2:08.29, and bumps Dakota Luther out of the 16th-place spot.

More information will be published as it becomes available.

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Yay USA swimming for making the right call!

Eddie Rowe

We don’t know it was the right call. Or the wrong call. A turn judge saw what s/he saw. I’ll never understand why everyone gets so happy to overturn a DQ when most of us didn’t see the race in person and haven’t seen any video evidence of anything.

Some of those same people shrug and say “meh” when Van de Burgh does three dolphin kicks and a one-handed turn. It boils down to a single, world: integrity. Some have it, some don’t, and it extends not just to participants, but to fans as well.


I agree that “right call” is a questionable choice of words, but fans have a right to be happy when a well-liked swimmer, who is the undisputed best in her event, is being allowed to continue pursuing her Olympic dream. Sure, it sucks for #17, but I’m happy, “right” call or not.


I’m not sure you can compare doing blatant illegal dolphin kicks on breaststroke to “not being toward the breast off the turn.” That call is not easy to make and with video evidence I’m glad it was able to be reversed.


Were you in the stands or on the pool deck because from what I could see online I could not see one way or the other. That is one of the hardest calls for an official to make so they should be confident before they make that call and they only have to watch one lane. I don’t know if she did it right or wrong but I know it is good to have Dave as your coach in situations like this. At the men’s NCAA a couple of years ago he had a swimmer to got DQ:ed for almost the same thing but I think it was in breaststroke. Dave talked to the officials for a long time until… Read more »


That’s a crazy story if true. There’s no need for a meet to be held up for that long for a DQ appeal.

John M

Was it the right call to overrule the Official? Or was the call influenced by the Olympic team Coach? If video was inconclusive I believe Official was in best position to make the call


It would be the actual referee for that session that would have the final say.

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