NCAA Extends Division 1 Recruiting Dead Period for All Sports Through June 30

The NCAA Division I Council Coordination Committee has extended its recruiting dead period for all sports through June 30.

According to a release on their website, the council is scheduled to reassess this extension on May 27 to determine if further extension is necessary. Another extension would keep the dead period enforced until July 31, with the option to reassess again in June.

Dead periods prohibit all in-person recruiting meetings between high school athletes and coaches, including campus visits and meetings between athletes and coaches elsewhere. Contact between athletes and coaches, as it adheres to regular NCAA recruiting rules, is still allowed via texting and phone calls as in a regularly scheduled dead period. These dead periods are factored into many NCAA sports’ recruiting calendars during a normal season.

For swimming & diving, there is typically just one dead period in a calendar year: Monday to Thursday of the first week of the signing period in November. That fell from November 11-14 of 2019 this past season.

The Division I dead period was initially instituted in March to last through April 15 in the wake of winter NCAA championship cancellations. On April 1, the NCAA announced the dead period would extend through May 31. As long as the dead period is in place, there will be no coordinated recruiting trips whatsoever, on- or off-campus.

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