MUSIC VIDEO: St. Mary’s College of Maryland is ‘Walking on the Sun’ in Florida

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Swimmer A
6 years ago

Man that looks like fun! That St. Mary’s team has really come up the ranks too!

6 years ago

Yea their D-group has always been pretty stout. But it’s their sprinters that have really come up the past few years

Swimmer B
6 years ago

WOWOWOW they found a shark!!!!!

Swimmer C
Reply to  Swimmer B
6 years ago

But what kind of shark?

No. 2 Pencil
Reply to  Swimmer C
6 years ago

Why that’s an Odontaspididae. Quite common in those warm Florida waters

Ooops, commented at the bottom, meant to reply to this.

Swimmer C
Reply to  No. 2 Pencil
6 years ago

Thanks “No. 2 Pencil”

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