Mitch Larkin Drops 400 IM From Commonwealth Schedule


Just days before the start of the 2018 Commonwealth Games, event line-ups are going through final tweaking to ensure the best outcome for each nation vying for medals.

Mitch Larkin, two-time World Champion and 2016 Olympic silver medalist, has decided to pare down his schedule by one event, dropping the 400m IM. Originally slated to take on his pet events, the 50m/100m/200m backstroke, in addition to the 200m IM and 400m IM, the St. Peters Western athlete decided 15 minutes between the 400m IM final and 100m backstroke final, should Larkin had made both medal-deciding races, would have rendered him not at his best.

Coach Dean Boxall states, “He’s definitely conditioned to do it, but this is a major international meet where he’s pushing to try and win and that may have taken the edge off him. Maybe not, but that’s what we thought.” (Australian Press)

Instead, Clyde Lewis, Larkin’s St. Peters Western teammate who is already contesting the 200m IM in the Gold Coast, will have the 400m IM added to his meet line-up.

For the women, 19-year-old Shayna Jack will indeed be sliding into the women’s 100m freestyle spot vacated by Olympic silver medalist Emma McKeon. As reported, McKeon decided to drop the sprint free event in favor of focusing on her other races in her monster schedule, including the 100m/200m fly, 200m freestyle and totality of Australian relays.

Action kicks off on Thursday, April 5th at the Optus Aquatic Centre.


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3 years ago

Why not just swim it? CG’s aren’t exactly the pinnacle of sporting events, who really cares if you dont do well in the event? US swimmers are jumping towards doubles, not running from them…It does seem like Aussies are focusing in CGs rather than Pan Pacs which is kinda annoying

samuel huntington
Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

“who really cares” um all the athletes competing at the CGs. no need to be rude.
15 minutes between a 400 IM and a 100 back is almost nothing. I doubt any US swimmers would do that.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

What’s more annoying is someone criticizing an elite national meet when he probably doesn’t qualify for it.

Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

The I only US swimmers I can think of doing a double that brutal are Lochte and Phelps.

Then again sure the dirty, cheating Aussies could do some suit or goggle tampering to get round the issue.

Reply to  Togger
3 years ago

Aint that the truth – have a look at some of their para swimmers

Reply to  pvdh
3 years ago

In Australia, the CG’s are the second most important sporting event, only behind the Olympics. Especially this year, because it’s in Australia.

Caeleb Dressel Will Win 9 Gold Medals in Tokyo
Reply to  CRB
3 years ago


3 years ago

Australia view their rivalry with england/britain as bigger than anything. Even the pan pacs.
So any time they compete against england/ britain they always bring in their best and put in good effort. It,s the same with england/britain as they view australia as rivals too. They both view each other as rivals in select events/sports.
Events like the olympics/ commonwealth games
And sports like cricket (the ashes test series), rugby, track cycling (gosh the aussies are pissed that the British poached their australian coaches and started dominating track cycling, a sport that australia used to dominate).
And in every Olympics, Australia,s biggest goal is to beat britain in the medal standing.
I,m sure they want… Read more »

Reply to  carlo
3 years ago

There is a caveat this year; Britain host the aquatic elememt of the innaugural multi-sport European Championships this year. It’ll be like the Asian games, hells every four years, multi sport competition (Aquatics, Athletics, Triathlon, Cycling, Rowing etc) – British Sport seem very keen on the competition as,ets be honest, it is full of sports Britain dominate in Europe, and will want to do very well so I think attention is split this year for British teams.

Reply to  carlo
3 years ago

Also of note; There is no rowing at these games, England are missing most of our top cyclists who prioritised Worlds last month and our top four female gymnasts, all of which were part of the medal winning world championship team event, are missing commonwealths with injuries – So it’s a real gymnastics C team for the women. The male gymnasts will dominate, and are favourites for every gold.

3 years ago

Isn’t Emma McKeon an Olympic gold medalist?

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Retta Race

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