Missy Franklin Speaks at Funeral of Colorado Girl Killed in School Shooting

U.S. Olympian and current Cal Golden Bear Missy Franklin spoke at the funeral for Claire Davis, the 17-year-old Colorado girl killed in the shooting at Arapahoe County High School in December.

Franklin, who grew up in the area, was asked by the Davis family to speak at Claire’s funeral.

Claire Davis was critically injured in the shooting on December 13th and died about a week later in the hospital. Franklin references several other tragedies that have struck the state in recent years and expresses her pride in the way Coloradoans have responded to trying times. You can watch her speech below.

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Sam Kendricks
9 years ago

Thanks Missy for being a great person and role model first. The fact that she is a great swimmer after that is a blessing for the sport. Gotta be some good parenting in that home and good leadership in her life. Thanks for sharing this story.

Rich Smith
Reply to  Sam Kendricks
9 years ago

I could not imagine as a first year college student to speak at such a difficult service. Missy certainly shows such great character and a well-representing ambassador to be recognized by the family of the victim for Colorado.

9 years ago

Sometimes decisions are made because it is the right thing to do.

9 years ago

As a Cal aquatics fan, I am very proud of Missy. Of course, this was a great personal cause for the community and her. But I am amazed at how she balances all these requests, award appearances and her school work — not to mention swimming(!). Berkeley is very tough academically and hope she gets her rest!!!

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